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Hi people!

I've been onto this site loads of times and have got some good advice so i thought i'd return the favour...! I don't know if this will actually help anyone.... i've had acne for 16 years, bad enough that I wouldn't leave the house without makeup, i'm now 29 and very nearly tried accutane from my dermo, except it scared me to take it so i continued trying every shop brought thing possible...

nothing worked, but my skin has cleared, i have very few spots and they heal quickly and don't swell like they used to...

The changes I made were to change my leave-in hair conditioner, and I don't where foundation now (although i do wear oil free concealer) also what I think is the biggest thing is that I STOPPED taking cod liver oil supplements and eat less oily foods like tuna and olives... I had been taking fish oils all my life because i thought it may help but i think they were part of the problem... sorry if this is a bit gross but i have noticed that the oil that comes from my pores is more watery that it used to be!! wacko.gif

Mates have said the change in my skin could be about my age (getting on a bit now) but I really think its the lack of fish oils, as my skin has steadily gotten worse over the years not better

hope this helps someone smile.gif

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!!!! i just started taking fish oil. i haven't really noticed any changes, but i think i'll switch to primrose oil after i'm through with the fish oil anyway.

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i went out and bought so many pills and tried taking them in all different ways since ppl say it helps...surprise, surprise it didn't

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