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As everything, this is just plain strange

You never really know what to expect when dealing with something like acne, but I just needed to share (for my sake as well as yours).

I, like everyone, have tried 'everything'. Well, somewhere in there I tried botchla's regimen - both on my face and body.

My body cleared up, my face took no noticable change.

Now having realized this, I went back and thought long and hard on this...

My body acne has always been consistant and horrible. Cysts, huge ones, painful, bleeding, all the fun stuff. I refused to go on meds because I believed (especially when I was younger) that I'd much rather have a temporary problem than the possibility of side effects really messing me up. From the day I used the two products in botchla's regimen, things were on the upswing. Within a month I was totally clear (minus scarring) and speechless. I haven't gone off of it, though I cut down on the use immediately after I wasn't getting anything new.

At first I thought that my face just couldn't handle it, not even once a day. Maybe it was even getting worse and I didn't realize that. Nope, stopped it after a few months use and nothing changed. When I say that, it's really not true. My face was always inconsistant in every regard. At times I've been nearly clear without doing a single thing. I was also nearly clear for a short time on proactiv (my skin however felt horrible), and then while just using aloe. It never seems to matter what I'm doing, as the next week I could just break out overnight for no reason (diet included, I've never been able to link anything to diet).

So basically where I stand right now....

I'm tired of it. I'm a healthy person. Good diet (almost never eat out even, and NEVER fast food), good weight, exercise, everything. Regardless of all this, nothing ever seems to change if I do go wild for a few days or so. The only time I've seen a change for good was with my body acne and botchla's regimen. Has anyone been in a similar situation? I ALWAYS thought my body acne was the big deal, but now I'm left feeling clueless. My face looks absolutely horrible sometimes, and not so bad at others. I turn 21 before long and this is just getting old. =P

In any case, thanks for taking the time to read my late night rambling, and I hope maybe someone can offer some insight.

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