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Although I still have acne at age 29, I have had the best results fighting my severe acne through diet (vegan) and natural topicals (aloe vera). Personally, I am very leery of Doctors, Derms, and drugs. In my opinion, most doctors appear very unhealthy themselves and I find it hard to take their advice. But, Dr. Bob lived to be 108 (with diabetes, no less!), so I tend to heed his advice with less skepticism. I have read other things by Dr. Bob about health (like colon cleansing, etc.) but until today I never found an entire page dedicated to acne treatment.

I plan to try it. Check it out, and I hope it helps some of you (all of us, if possible). I'll keep everyone posted on how it works out, good or bad. By the way, I found the info at www.restoreunity.org/acne.htm

In case you all are wondering, the following is a copy of what it says on the Dr. Bob acne section:


Dr. Bob was a MD internal medicine, orthomolecular doctor, MD psychiatrist, chiropractor, and healer 65 years. He was a diabetic who lived to 108 years with only 1 side effect 2 years before he passed away. Dr. Bob practiced a system of medicine called orthomolecular medicine. It is a system of medicine that uses mainly natural substances that are non-toxic and safe in wide range of doses. It uses mainly herbs and minerals/vitamins.

There are many possible causes of acne. Oily skin, hormonal imbalance, and many other reasons can lead to inflammation of the skin. The idea Dr. Bob used was to build up new skin and make it healthy. Then it would be more difficult for inflammation to occur in healthy skin. Dr. Bob advised a topical method and a supplement method to help protect against acne

The following is Dr Bob's orthomolecular method for acne:

1. Dr. Bob advised 1-2 grams of vitamin C, 2-3 times daily. Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, vitamin C is an antioxidant, vitamin C builds up the health of cells, and many other benefits to skin from the use of vitamin C.

2. Dr. Bob advised a multivitamin and mineral each day. Dr Bob advised the brand Maxilife multivitamin and mineral powder because he liked the quality and doses of the ingredients. A multivitamin will supply many factors that can help promote skin health, such as zinc for immunity; B vitamins to promote cellular energy, thus optimizing cell health, and many other ingredients.

3. Dr. Bob advised olive leaf extract for bad cases of acne. The olive leaf extract is antibacterial and can help neutralize infections.

4. Avoid constipation, as this can increase toxins in the body. Read the article called, “Constipation�, in the Dr. Bob orthomolecular section of this web site. It describes a natural method to help produce bowel movements.

5. Dr. Bob advised to supplement MSM. MSM promotes the growth of healthy skin.

6. Consider supplementing the amino acid proline. . It is involved in producing collagen. The dose will change as we age, but an orthomolecular dose cans be1/2 gram twice a day.

7. Consider supplementing the amino acid lysine. It is involved in producing collagen. The dose will change as we age, but an orthomolecular dose can be ½ gram twice a day. Amino acids can sometimes compete with each other for transport to cells or for other reasons. Thus, until science determines if proline and lysine compete with each other for any reasons, try and take lysine and proline by themselves, without eating any protein for about 3 hours before and 3 hours after you supplement them. Take them at separate times.

8. Consider supplementing vitamin B3 called niacin. Vitamin B3 helps control cell membrane permeability. Increasing cell membrane permeability may help improve utilization of supplements. Consider supplementing vitamin B3 at the same time as your other supplements. Read the article in the overlooked cure section of the web site called, “The Anti-Death Vitamin.� This article describes a 20-year study of niacin called the Coronary Drug Project. Consider modeling your niacin doses after this renowned study, using 750 milligrams each day or more. Consider divided doses to spread out the effect of niacin. The form of niacin Dr. Bob advised is called hexanicotinate. It is considered to be a more potent form of niacin. Hexanicotinate is a no flush form of niacin. Dr. Bob also recommended the form of niacin called niacinamide. He advised to combine hexanicotinate and niacinamide at the same time in equal amounts.

9. Topically - Dr. Bob advised using vitamin C and MSM topically. If you can find a topical cream that can help MSM get into the bloodstream, this can help build healthy skin rapidly. Dr. Bob mixed vitamin C powder and MSM together in distilled water (pure water)) and then used an eyedropper to put this mix on acne. Dr. Bob also mixed MSM and vitamin C in K. Y. Jelly and put this mix on acne. We handle a product on this web site called MSM gel that has the ingredients vitamin C and MSM combined and meets the standards that Dr. Bob used for all orthomolecular products.

Note – Our product TLC in the specialty section under Heart Health contains vitamin C, vitamin B3, proline and lysine.

In conclusion, using oral and topical methods to help build healthy skin was the method Dr. Bob used in cases involving acne. He also felt it was important to prevent the buildup of toxins in the body and therefore he recommended olive leaf extract and a method called bowel tolerance, to help protect against the buildup of toxins. Toxins can lead to infection, which can result in making acne worse. Good luck.

Note – In order for these anti-aging ideas to be successful, you must use supplements of the highest quality. Dr. Bob often said, "almost all supplement companies produce poor quality." You can consider the product page of this web site. Almost all the products met Dr. Bob’s approval. Since he passed away we have attempted to keep the same high standards.


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this is very similar to dr. nicolar perricone.. i take his multi-vitamin pack twice a day but it's expensive $120 for one month's supply.

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For me, i was at my worst when i was on supplements and vitamins. i would take about 20 a day total vitamins.. There was only maybe 9 supplements, but the doseage was more than 1 per day.

Ive since stopped that and went the all natural route by just eatting foods with those "needed" vitamins. Theres no need in my mind to continue to buy all these pills because you just take them forever and eventually you stop buying them and you're body was so used to them, that you go back to your old self.

Just make a life change and eat foods that contain those vitamins.

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i found that when i supplemented with vit c taking 1 g a day, thinking it would help with my redmarks, i got massive zits on my forehead, since then the only vit c i get is in lemon juice.

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