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Dont Use Desiten Please!!

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Well I had been clear for over a month going on two I mean maybye one or two small zits within this time. I stoped using the BP about 2 months ago and just went to cleaning twice daily wich was working great for me. However I saw all the hoopla about Desetin and how it did wonders for your skin so I thought I would give it a shot. I used it for probably over the course of two weeks maybye a totally of 4 or 5 nights and at first It really did make my skin feel good the next day and appeared to fade some of the red marks. However last Friday I got two big zits on my right check about the size of a pencil eraser which I usually never get. In addition I got about 4 or 5 smaller zits around my chin area and what appears to be the develepment of just new red spots but no zits its wierd. Anyways the moral of the story is my skin was the best its been in years and I was on top of the world, I used desetin and now my face looks like ass, dont do it. I wish I would have never seen that stupid posting by that dumd guy that started this whole thing. Im sorry that sounds mean and I know he was just trying to help but im really pissed :twisted:

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Guest fatman_uk

Maybe the ppl who had good results had them coz of usin BP aswell? Maybe u need it since Desiten sound a bit thick an pore cloggin.


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I used it twice and I got like a couple of little zits and a zit like what he was talking about. I think I'm still getting zits from it too. I HATE THAT SHIT!!!

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