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Ok, i have now started to take about 20 B5 a day.

Will i have to take some biotin to keep my hair. Balding does not run in my family, actually my dad has more hair than i, but will i loose it all if i dont take that biotin stuff.

I looked around and got no real answer.

Also is 20 a day too much? I've got some cyst acne all over.

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Ok, i have a question. Does B5 help GET RID OF zits or does it just make your skin look nicer. Does it fade redmarks?

I havent really seen much improvment besides the skin around my acne looking a bit better but i still get new acne everyday. Heck i looked in the mirror about 30 seconds ago and i see a new cyst forming on my cheek. What gives?!

Will B5 kill my acne and prevent new ones?

Hopfully my hair doesnt fall out!

Also does anyones skin on there knuckle get harder and wrinklier when on B5, its weird.

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Read B5 logs, there are many of them. Read Dave's. If you just started taking B5 and you're still gettng zits, what's the big deal? It takes TIME. And yes, if it works for you, if will make all your acne go away. I'm almost 2 months into it at only 6g, and I'm clear.

Good luck.

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