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To Dye or not to Dye

And I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllly need a color job. It's been since SEPTEMBER that i've had a color job. Prior to 'tane I was really starting to experiment with the wilder side of hair color and did some reds and some really blonde chunks. While it was cute when I could afford it and so coul dmy hair, now my outgrowth is terrible, the red has faded, and the split ends are bad because i've been trying to let it grow out a bit. I spent my whole life with really long nice hair, and then cut it all off last year and had a totally glam style. Love it too. Anyways now im trying to grow it out a bit and its finally time for a cut. I know what im getting done as far as cut but I reaaaaaalllly need color. I've tried to wait and wait and wait it out but I can't wait another month until 'tane is done. Yes, my hair is dryer than ever - and I think part of that is that I still wash it every other day.. sometimes every three days. I use lots of products too because it looks so ratty having been so long since a cut. What do you gusy/gals think? Im getting a cut and deep condition and actually today my hair is not too dry - hasn't been washed in a few days. Do you think it's safe to throw some color in there? What about some blonde? What i'd really like to do is just do some really thin blond, golden brown and then get my two blonde chunks in the front touched up. ....... think its safe??

By te way - if you're not naturally blonde - and like to color your hair - NEVER get blonde 'pallets' in your hair - worst thing ever to keep up with. sad.gif

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Well, if you just need a dye to cover up your roots and not to cover up greys (I don't know how old you are, so I'm going to assume you're too young for grey hair yet), then I would suggest temporary hair dye.

I work at a salon, and at first we used permanent hair color in my hair, but that dried my hair out too much; and besides, I don't need permanent color. I'm only 20, so I don't have greys or anything. The temporary dyes don't last as long, I admit, but they're much more gentler on your hair and personally, I like the colors a LOT better. They're more vibrant and shiny.

If you're considering highlights, well... that's bleach. That's going to dry your hair out no matter how you do it. Just use a thick conditioner twice or three times a week and leave it in for 5-10 minutes. That's what I do when my hair gets really dry.

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heya debonaire i know this has ntohing to do with acne but please dont get mad!!

i had full head higlights put in my hair in august and the roots have just started to be really obvious, however im naturally blonde anyways but my colour is quite a darkish blonde. i had bleach blonde and a natural blonde outnin my hair, they have faded now and im almost back to my natural colour, this time i want to go for a more brighter "barbie" blonde and may be die the underneath a darker blonde but i dont know!! my hair is shoulder length and i dont know what to do is highlights better than a whle head die??????? im 17 so i dont have grey hair yet thank god!! thanks for your time x x x x

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Haha Im actually a hairstylist so maybe I can help you out??

As far as color and accutane.. Obviously you should try to wait it out, or do a low maintenence color while on it. If you absoluetly cant- you could go and get it done and have them use a conditioner filler on your hair, which coats it and it may have to process longer- but it wont be AS damaging. Now, keep in mind- i dont know the exact condition of your hair, and I cant make complete judgements. Im basing this on pure general knowledge that you have dry, processed hair and need a touch up.

Ive never had a client on accutane, so I cant tell you if it affects how your hair takes color. Some bcps can actually cause your hair to take color differently.

I think its most important to consult with the salon before you go in, and tell them you are on accutane and have extremely dry hair. They need to know.

I think youll be fine, unless you have moderate to severe hair loss. Then I would try to avoid it...because hair USUALLY breaks to some degree with any chemical service..its just that you dont notice it.

As for the blondie question- Ask for a full head of highlights. Some people call it California Weave, where they take alot more hair and make alot of smaller weaves, which gives you ALOT more blonde. If you want more of a jessica simpson blonde.. You can get some very thick bleach highlights throughout, and some thinner of a different tone of blonde. Highlights are the best way to go- and the least damaged. If you bleach your whole head, you wont like it. It wont look the same as a pretty highlighted-toned color. And bleaching the whole head is extremely irritating, especially if you are on Accutane.

If yall have any other questions..Just ask.

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