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Guest TylerD

Foods and Drinks

Guest TylerD

Ok so ive been on accutane for about 2 weeks and everything is going good. Like my skin is just super clear right now. But I have a question. So lately i have been so paranoid over to what i can and cant eat. Im not eating donuts, choclate trying to stay away from sugar. Im even scarred to drink choclate milk. So I guess I just want some ppl to give me some adicve on what i can and cant eat. Like if i eat a donut every once and a while or eat so sugary candy every once and a while will i break out. Like im just so damn paranoid and its so hard not eating choclate when all my friends are eating the shit right infront of my face. So anyway if anyone could respond and just tell me some basic foods i can eat like can i eat Mcdonalds or is that way to greasy and break me out. lol stuff like that worries man so thats it for now. Anyone respond plz peace.

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dude this whole food affecting acne is bs, i have had no correlation between what i eat and breaking out. Eat everything in moderation, don't go out and eat like 50 donuts, but its okay to have ANYTHING now and then. You are putting one of the most potent drugs in your body and you are worried about what you eat?

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