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Hi--somebody wrote about staying away from yeast products (any raised bread)

and mushrooms but I can't find the post. I am 48 and having skin problems

again so am avoiding yeast products and dairy which he also mentioned. I am

avoiding ALL of my make-ups which I discovered contain dimethicone. ( I posted

this discovery Tues) Dimethicone is silicon oil!!! Even the Jane oil-free and Neutrogena oil-free have it in it so the makeup goes on smoother!! I couldn't figure

this out until I used the scar therapy ointment which is mostly dimethicone and it

made my face break out horribly. Dimethicone is used for keloid scars and when

I looked up what it was on the net it is descibed as silicon oil. So those make-ups

as well as the scar therapy cream went into the trash. Could someone get back to me as far as the yeast post? Also has anyone tried "The Acne Pill" sold at Walgreens?? I just bought it. Thanks--Sick of Acne

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Hi, that yeast/fungal thread is on the diet/holistic board, a little ways

down the page. I think they are connected, but as to what to do

to get the yeast levels down, cutting out sugar and yeast are supposed

to help, low carb like diet. Hey goodluck!

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