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acne-causing ingredients

I have come across a website that talks about ingredients in cleansers, moisturizers and makeup, that causes acne.


This has helped me alot. I noticed that some of the products you recommend, have some of the ingredients that rank a 3 for comedogenicity. Would the benefits of the regime be better if this was avoided?

I've been suffering from hormonal acne at 34. I went through 2 rounds of Accutane when I was 28 and it helped for awhile, however the bad outweighed the good. My eyes, lips and skin have more problems since taking accutane.

Birth control (the right one--check here: http://www.wdxcyber.com/ncontr13.htm) does help, however, I am hoping to get pregnant, so I can't be on them now.

I started the regime a week ago and it seems to help me. It is more manageable now for me.

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Gee I wonder why the acne cream companies would put pore clogger ingredients in thier products ? Can we say vicious cycle ? Avoid anything with lanolin most of all.

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Speaking of pore cloggers I have been reading alot about vinegar on this site. I guess it would clean out and dissolve the stuff clogging the pores. People use it for cleaning other things. The smell would bother people but I guess you could mix it with your astringent half and half to mask some of the smell. eusa_think.gif

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