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hi all,

i was just wondering if any one has heard about the acne sweeping pill... its some chinese herbal pills for acne... your supposed to take 3 pills 3 times daily

(9 pills/day).. theres 36 in this bottle .. so i gueess this will last 4 days.. im on day 2 right now.. i think ur supposed to do it for a month.. i was just wondering if anyone has heard of this or used it?

the ingredients are..

pteria martensii (dunker) 10% (margarite)

herba andrographitis 10%

lonicera japonica thunb 50%

rehmannia glutinose libosch 30%

i know there are tons of similiar chinese herbal pills out there with the same ingredients.. so please can anyone tell me if this works?

any feedback would be appreciated!!!

thank you!

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never ever heard of em... I'd rather take the HRI clear complexion pills, they have a proven record... but keeps us posted with how it works out with these.... those chinese boffins usual know their stuff..... How much did they cost? is 4 days per bottle expensive?

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cnd 5.99$ per bottle (36 pills in one bottle..lasts 4 days).. its not too much .. you apparently have to use it only for 2 -4weeks

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Hey I just started it now. I will never order from this one site it was 11.99 a bottle and i swear on the site it said like 200 pills or something and i got 60 in a bottle... 6 pills 2 times a day. I am going with that cheaper site next... I only bought the ones i bought cause there was a thing about it on the internet where it had no additives.

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