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First of all this is my first post I have ever made in the forum. I am so happy there is a community like this one and we are out to share our experiences, ideas, methods....ect.

I am 17 yrs old with mild acne. I started getting it when I was in 9th grade in high school. I have been through some treatments some being quite succesful , others failing terribly. I've tried pro-active (dried my skin up but did help a bit)... Aveda soap (ick, horrible. BROKE ME OUT!)... Some other stuff perscribed by my derm and my latest one was Minocylcine, w/ a Gly something face was (can't remember the name), Clindamycin phosphate lotion and Retin-A micro. After trying that combo and failing misserably I am in search of help.

My main acne is on my forhead but now I am breaking out on my cheecks and my chin!!! cry.gifcry.gifcry.gif

I've decided I am going to start to cut back on junk food and start eating healthy to see if my skin improves confused.gif

To tell you guys the truth I've been thinking about diets for about 2 weeks but every day i think "Ok I'lll start tomorrow ... Well I try so hard but I get tempted and start eating junk food! I just can't seem to resist. I eat healthy in the morning , some fruit salad or something and then I get to school and sometimes eat a salad, then i come home and BANG! Here is all the food ,from toaster stroodles, to lots of cheese and yogourt, to all kinds of candy, pop corn,,, you name it! sad.gif !!!


I am a cheese addict and I am going to stop eating it sad.gif HELP!!!!


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I would suggest you read the book on this website: www.freeacnebook.com (it's all online you don't have to buy it) and then try the two-week sample diet and then you'll know if your acne is caused by you diet or not.

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^, exactly, your acne might not be caused by diet.

it seems to me that your acne is getting worse since you mentioned that it spread from the forehead to the cheeks. maybe it's the products you use that cause this. right now, i'm very much into natural products and ingredients. stores like the body shop and lush sell these stuff. i'm NEVER EVER touching drugs and acids AGAIN!

lifestyle choices are important too. let us know how the diet is going. i know, it takes perseverence. best of luck.

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