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What has completely cleaned up my skin

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Combinations of what I've learned from a few sources, actually. Many of them were close, but not quite.

The following has worked completely for myself, my brother, and a few co workers.

Most of this information was recently validated by the book " The Acne Cure" (which basically just reiterates thigns I already knew, but it was still probably worth $21.95 for a few of the things it recommends. Don't buy it, though, just read this post ;-)).


Morning: Shower normally, use a non-soap based cleaning bar (such as Cetaphil). Wash your body *AFTER* shampooing, since I don't belive there is such a thing as a non comedgenic shampoo.

(men)After showering, shave using a non comedgenic shaving cream, and make sure that you shave DOWNWARDS. I highly recommend Neutrogena's Skin Clearing Shave Cream - it's salycic acid based. Use more than they recommend though, otherwise you might get razorburn. A nice alternative to that would be to utilize an aloe based alternative.

After shaving, wash with a salycic acid-based cleanser - many different products are available for this, and most are fundamentally the same. Don't waste your money on anything higher than 2 or 3 % concentrations though.

* Cleanse with a glycolic-acid based cleanser - 7 to 8% concentration. Only do this every other day.

Apply non comedgenic moisturizer - liberally (neutrogena makes a good one that I like). If you're going out in the sun, of course, use one with spf 15 or so. Do this regardless of whether or not your skin is all that dry - you'll need the moisture to counteract the oil you'll lose from the b5.

Apply a coating of BP to your entire face - I don't recommend using as much as Dan's regimen. the book previously mentioned says that it's best to cool the BP onto your face with ice packs, but I haven't tried this myself to verify if it makes any difference.



Repeat everything as outlined above (don't shave :-p).



While I can't say with 100% certainty that food makes a HUGE difference in skin, because it could be entirely the chemicals mentioned, but I will say this: Eliminating most simple carbohydrates (sugar, wheat flour, etc.) and replacing them with meat, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates (whole wheat, fruit) significantly reduced my breakouts before I even started this regimen. Take that as you like.) Also, avoid dairy as much as possible, your skin will produce less sebum.



I take 2 tsp of b5 powder a day (i believe it's 10 grams, but it could be 20, and i'm too lazy to do the conversion right now), in 2 seperate doses. Morning and evening, I mix 1 tsp with 16 ounces of orange juice (I like the kind with calcium added) and shake it up VERY VERY WELL (otherwise you'll get a big chunk...yuck). B5 tastes HORRIBLE, and this is a good way to get it in you without gagging. I will say with 100% certainty that b5 has turned my skin from VERY oily to being practically normal / dry.


Total costs:

These last for about a month:

Cetaphil Bar - $3

Salycic acid wash: $5

Glycolic acid wash: $7

BP: $5

Moisturizer: $5

b5 powder (I order mine from acnemiracle.com): $24.95

Total Monthly costs: ~$50

if you use the oj -

~5 gallons of OJ per month - $25

You could always go a littler cheaper by not using the b5, and by using water instead of orange juice, but I don't recommend either.

* - This is something I just started recently to clean up the last few blackheads that I have on my nose and in between my eyes. It was recommended by the previously mentioned book. It has helped a bit, but the glycolic acid may be unecessary if you don't experience many blackheads or cysts.

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