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again, this text is taken from a book i have and may of good use to many of you out there. I will be trying to follow the guide as closely as poss.


although acne mostly occurs in teenage years, it can also be seen in adults too. It is often due to hormonal inbalances which stimulate the sebaceous glands to increase oil output. But acne can also be due to poor dietry choices. If traces of sebum become trappen inside skin pores, tissues can attract bacteria, resulting in inflamation and blemishes.

Acne is aggrevated by poor internal elimination and a high fat and/or refined food diet. Drink plenty of fresh vegitable juices throughout the day : in particular carrot, lettuice, watercress, nettle, celery and dandelion. Also include vegetable and whole grains at both lunchtime and evening meals, particularly green leafy veg, carrots, onions, garlic, brown rice, millet and live sprouts.


the nutrient most successful with acne in clinical practice are :

* beta-carotene (25,000iu)

* vitamin A (10,000iu)

* vitamin B complex (50-100mg)

* pantothenic acid (B5)

* vitamin b6 (50mg)

* propolis (500mg)

* zinc (50mg)

* borage oil capsules

* vitamin C (1000mg twice a day)

* acidophilus with befidus (freindly bacteria) to promote colon health and elimination of toxins

top ten tips for healthy skin :

* drink plenty of clean filtered water (at least 6-8 glasses per day).

* include lots of fibre in your diet. keeps your intestinal tract regular and enhances the elimination of waste products.

* make sure your diet contains plenty of anti-oxidents such as fruit and veg

* food combining- by eating carbs and protein as seperate meals, you will prevent unnecessary fermentation in the colon and increase nutrient absorbing in the blood.

* get plenty of good fats, they are vital for healthy skin - get these from whole grains, seeds, nuts, soy beans, leafy veg, cold pressed oils and oily fish such as sardines, mackeral and wild (not farmed) salmon.

* start your day with an early morning mini-cleanse. you should drink a glass of warm water, followed by a mug of nettle tea or hot water with lemon

* avoid excessive amounts of caffeine or alcohol

* cut down on table salt.

* reduce foods that clog. the worst being red meat, dairy, refined foods, fried foods and foods that contain hydrongenated oils or fats

* externally apply honey three times a week to your face. Leave on for around 30 mins and rinse off with warm water. you will be amazed by the wonderfull results of this simple trick, leaving your skin soft, supple and well nourished.


herbs that are benficial include echinacea, dandelion, yellow dock, burdock root and red clover. All are powerfulk internal cleansers.

for more related info see my other post regarding this book here

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Thanks for posting this info, do you happen to know if the honey has to be raw or is just normal honey good enough?

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I think raw is considered more effective and i would recommend you use that. Ive just ordered some manuka honey for its antibacterial properties too

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