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Wanting to TRY - Please Read - Thanks


Due to currently stoping my accutane course after 4 tablets because of the stuff i have read on the web ive ended up here and am willing to give this a run for its money. However on the list where it reccomends what products to use during the program they are all american sites sad.gif wont post to the UK. If anyone can give me information on the UK products they use and the websites where they can be purchashed from id be VERY thankfull , thanks in advance.


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Hmmm...I poked around on some on-line UK chemists and it looks rather like benzoyl-peroxide may not be available over-the-counter in your country. Nobody there seems to sell a product that has any in it. AAaack! Found something!


Scroll down until you see a product called "Oxy On The Spot". It's described as having 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide. This might be just the ticket for you.

As for cleansers, I should think you could find that over the counter.

And the same would hold true for moisturizers.

I bet that you could get some moisturizer and a cleanser at that website as well, and avail yourself of their free shipping offer on anything over 16 pounds. (sorry, I don't have a British pound symbol on my keyboard!)

For cleansers and moisturizers, I recommend that you look for something NON-COMEDOGENIC. How can you tell, you ask? If it doesn't specifically say, then look the products up on the handy-dandy list provided here:


Good luck, and if you find anything, drop us and Dan a line. Maybe Dan will consider making a list for others in the world who also suffer from acne.

Oh, and remember, Google is your FRIEND! I did some searches on Google using the search term "acne UK" and found a bunch of stuff, which led me to that BlushingBuyer website. (Although I'm not sure about the "saucy gifts and sexy fun" section they have. I modestly averted my eyes and ignored that part.)


Ooops, here I am prattling on about UK druggists, and there's a perfectly excellent part of this board that's totally dedicated to this topic:


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