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Preparing for Accutane

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Hey I'd just like to get some feedback about this....

I'm 18 right now, a freshman in college, and I have had pretty bad acne since 8th grade. I've tried washing with everything under the sun, tried Differin gel (did nothing), and now Dan's regimen has produced better results, but I'm still not clear.

I'm basically just tired of washing every single day, worrying about my face all the time, and now its starting to affect my social life in college. I mean I can't go sleep out somewhere or party all night without worrying if I will be able to wash my face or what it will look like the days after!

So I went to a dermatologist and said to him, "I've tried all these things, but nothing has worked. I know all the risks and stuff with Accutane, but at this point I will do just about anything for clear skin." He wasn't exactly comfortable perscribing me with Accutane, he wanted to try some other treatments first.

So we agreed to give it a week for me to think about it, and I'm still pretty set in my decision. What do you guys think? Heres a link for some info on Accutane. http://www.skinsite.com/info_accutane.htm

Thanks a lot.


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I have had pretty bad acne myself... and yes I have debated using Acuutane. I even had the first course in my possesion and I was just about to start. Then I read the side effects and to be honest, it scared me too, so I decided to try other things before jumping into it.

Its been almost 5 months using the regimen and like you it did not clear me up 100% at the beginning at all. In fact It seemed like it was making it worse. Now down the road it worked about 85%, but I was still developing larger cystic spots which I needed more the just Benzoyl Peroxide to treat.

I combined the regimen (which was working great) with B-5 powder to help larger spots and its been just over a month with the B-5 and I totally stopped breaking out 100% for about 4 days now. I think I am over the initial breakout with the B-5 and its starting to kick in. I just hope to god it stays this way so I can put this behind me.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that before going into accutane consider other options, ones that make sense, like the regimen. If your skin is able to take large amounts of BP then the regimen will work for you... maybe not in days or weeks, but like me it took nearly 4 months to become really effective. To give the regimen a fair chance you must do it for at least 3 months. It is a pain in the ass, but much less a pain than acne is the way I see it. Combine the regimen with an internal solution like B-5 to completely kill acne.

The choice is up to you, accutane has been a miracle for some. but the months on it can be shitty. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

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I'm 22 and have had acne since I was 13. I know exactly how you feel... not being able to spend the night out anywhere because you don't want people to see your face when you wake up. and god forbid you should go to bed with out washing. God it's so miserable isn't it? I've taken accutane twice. Even though my acne has come back a year later both times... It is soooo worth a try. It makes a HUGE difference. My face was 100 percent clear both times for a year. It was amazing. My skin looked so good. Some people don't ever get their acne back. My mom took it in her twenties and she gets an occasion zit here and there but her acne never came back. I'm thinking of going on a third round. Maybe now that I'm in my twenties it will work for good this time. Yes I worried about side effects too, but now, 5 years later after my first time, I'm ok. Please give it a try. Don't sell yourself short. It really really works.


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I have taken Accutane three different times. Every time it worked marvelous for my skin but then a few months later it would flare up again, but not as bad. When I was on Accutance I was looking good but I was not feeling good "mentally". The third and final time I was on for six months and then off for 2 and then on for six months. I found myself extremely hostile most of the time I was on it and then the last two months of my third go around I was suicidal. Actually tried, drank and took pills and locked myself in my house for a weekend and wouldn't let anyone in, but thankfully never died. I am back to my normal self, happy and positive.

If anyone does chose to use this product, please watch your moods, if you start thinking of ending your life, end the Accutane.

I had to fill out a questionnarre when I was done my cycle of Accutane and one of the questions was whether or not I was suicidal. This must be happeneing to a lot of people for them to put it on the questionnaire!!

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