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What the hell do I do now?

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My doc prescibed accutane for me when my acne was similar to yours, so your doc might prescribe it too if you really do want to go on it. However, I wouldn't recommend it- I've been through two rounds of it and it never did a thing for me. In my opinion, it's really not worth it.

I know how you feel, when my acne gets bad I get really depressed and will avoid leaving the house and just sit around hating myself. I won't even see my closest friends (even though I know they don't care what my face looks like) because I'm so embarassed about it.

Anyway, I know you probably think your skin looks awful, but it really doesn't look that bad at all. Hang in there!

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Wow!  You're gorgeous!

I honestly noticed your pretty face before I even noticed your acne.  And this is from looking at the first picture. smile.gif

Anyway, I hope things work out for you.  Honestly, though.  Clearing up your acne is just a bonus.  You're a hottie the way you are now.


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yeh, take a look at my acne picture in my gallery. i mean its crazy bad, but a little foundation and its near semi flawless. and people really dont care dont a few pimples. they might take a glace at it the first time they meet you, but that's all they'll do.

try this, when its quiet and you're with your friends start a conversation about your pimples. something like "damn all these pimples are pissing me off". soon they'll start asking you question they never would have asked before and the next day, things will be less tense because youve answered all of their questions. try it

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I Wanna know what kinda makeup you used.?. cos you look fab in makeup picture and in the first picture, you shouldn't worry so much, and sucide isn't an option. sad.gif

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I don't have any suggestions, but I do have a question.

How in the world did you do your make-up? You. Look. FABULOUS. Not only did you manage to even out the skin tone, but it doesn't look cake-y. I myself have been wondering for YEARS how to wear make-up with acne....

Just wanted you to know - in the make-up department, you're doing VERY well!

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Have you ever considered that maybe your makeup is keeping your acne from clearing? As for the acne itself, it's pretty much non-existant compared to the mess on my face so stop worrying so damn much.

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I've had redness around my eyebrows like you seem to have.  If it's itchy and inflamed, it may be eczema.  If so, hydrocortisone will calm the inflammation and redness.  Vinegar may also help.  I've found that since using vinegar as a toner, those red flaky patches around my eyebrows have gone away.  But to be fair, maybe it cleared up due to the warming of the weather.

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P. Acnes is not the reason you have acne. People with clear skin have the same bacteria on their faces. It's the inability for the oil glands to properly clear themselves of crap. Fighting bacteria is treating a symptom, not a cause.

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Like everyone else has said. Looks like irritation. I'd give the bp a rest for a day or two, and if you can, don't put any make up on either (maybe at the weekend or something). Moisturise your face only and just let it heal for a couple of days. Then you can go back to your regimen when your skin is less irritated.

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BTW there is a much higher resistance to ethromycin in the general population (about 60%) than to oxytetracycline (around 20%) or minocycline (even lower), so I would definitely give oxtet or mino a go, as you may find them much more effective.

Hope this helps

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P. Acnes is not the reason you have acne.  People with clear skin have the same bacteria on their faces.  It's the inability for the oil glands to properly clear themselves of crap.  Fighting bacteria is treating a symptom, not a cause.

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Hey Pink,

I can understand how frustrating this must be. My daughter is 17 going on 18 and she has struggled with acne for a few years now. She's using the regimen for a few weeks now and so far not great results. Like you she depends on makeup to cover it up. I couldn't even tell you had acne in your picture so you're doing a good job covering up. Not sure if you saw the posting about not using mosturizer but try not using that at all and she what happens. Look for the message on this, it will instruct you what to do if you get too dry. I'm going to recommend this to my daughter. I know it's hard but hang in there. Some things we face in life are difficult and there isn't always a quick and easy answer. Try not to think negative but instead think of this as an opportunity to learn how to deal with a difficult situation. It will make you more compassionate to others and stronger in the long run.

God Bless!!

P.S. I'd hold off on the accutane, that's some strong toxic stuff. At least for now you can cover up.

This is my face. (Click the link)

I've been on the regimen for 7 months...my skin improved quite a bit. I'm on antibiotics from the doctor (Erythromycin) and they're doing nothing. The regimen seems to have done all it can, but I'm still using it as a preventative measure, so my skin doesn't hugely worsen again.

Should I:

a) Go back to the doctors and BEG for accutane. Would it work?

b) Wear a bag on my head for all eternity.

c) Kill myself

d) Other, please explain...

P.S. Sorry about the pic - it's just meant to illustrate my problem, not make me look good.

Any help hugely appreciated, as I'm nearing the point of suicide.


Lizzie x

P.S. With make-up on I look like this.

Sorry, I just really didn't want people judging what I look like by the first picture. I NEVER go out looking like that!

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