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for maya, question about homepeels.

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sorry for starting another new thread. but you suggested that i use homepeels for my scars. there is anothere thread where i put up my pics... so juding from my pics... how effective do you think the homepeels will have on my face? will it be just very minor improvement.. or 30%?? or more?

any info is goodb ecause i am really low on money and i wanna get the home peels but not if it might not even help.

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The peels will help with skin tone and some very superficial scarring, but will not remove your type of scarring - the treatments I would recommend to you are skin needling or subcision - take a look at those threads and see what you think. For the time being, if money is low, consider saving for something that will give you more results than just peels.

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This was on homepeels webstie about ph levels thought some of u might like to know:


Our Peel Kits maintain a low pH of 2.4-2.6 for the most safe and effective peel you can buy! We are often imitated but never equalled!

A note about pH levels: Physicians who have been doing peels for years have determined that for a peel to be effective, the pH should be between 2.4 and 3.0. Peels with pH levels above 3.0 are not effective (they don't exfoliate the skin enough), and Peels with a pH below 2.4 are not effective (the acid content is not balanced and the skin is being damaged instead of peeling effectively, and this defeats the purpose of using peels to improve your skin). Our peels are perfectly balanced between 2.5 and 3.0 for the most effective and potent peel on the market!

Hey I have done two Lactic Acid peels now and although I have seen minor results, not huge results....Maybe I need something stronger or will it keep getting better with time. I mainly have red marks and shallow indents. I just keep reading these remarkable results about ppl who use a 70 percent acid peel, however I was much to scared to try that the first time. I also find that the skin prep toner is the thing that makes my skin sting the most. I do it on a night, with fluro mirror that I swear make me look gross (although it makes me feel better when my flatmate who has perfect skin says they make her look washed out and grey too) and after I have done the peel I swear my skin looks worse and the red marks more noticeable. However I put cream on and go to bed and when I wake up it looks much better..... I do think these are good for keeping the skin looking fresh and glowing which is still good as anything to distract from the scarring is great however they are not enough to get rid of the shallow indents.


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Keep using the lactic - build this up so your skin is used to peeling, then if you want go and get the 70% - sometimes we all need patience!

About the PH levels - I asked my aesthetician about it - she said that 2.5 to 3PH is mild - that if you want dramatic results, then 1.5 PH is the way to go - you will get redness and extreme flakes and a burning sensation but after a week, the results are more dramatic. Only problem is, there will be downtime and not everyone can afford to take time off regularly.

I had a 1.5% peel once - and it worked really well.

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