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Retin a micro journey

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Hi all,

I am a 22 yr old male dealing with moderate acne. Currently, I am using retin a micro at night and that is it. Here is what I do:


Wash with Cetaphil gentle cleanser

Apply Neutrogena Moisture lotion

Wait til right before I am going to sleep and apply retin a micro


Wash with Cetaphil gentle cleanser

Apply Neutrogena Moisture lotion

I only apply retin a micro on my cheeks, a little on my nose, and my chin. I stay away from my forehead and jawline. I tried using retin a micro before and it made my jawline and my neck (where I was not even applying it) very dry and unbearable. My forehead is acne free so I do not put it on there.

Ok, sorry for all the info, but I am trying to be as descriptive as possible so that others can know what I am doing and also so I can receive comments and feedback.

I plan to update this log as often as I can so please feel free to comment me at any time. I am headed into my fourth week with retin a micro and it has been quite a journey so far. The first two weeks, my face cleared up a bunch and I felt great as if everything was about to go away very soon. Then in the third week I broke out some and had to deal with a week of pretty bad skin. Now in the fourth week, a lot of the breakouts are gone and I can tell that my skin is less prone to gettin new acne. The only thing is, I get red in the face, and it feels hot at about the same point in the day everyday (5 pm). I do not know why, but am open to suggestions.

Here are a few things I can say so far. My skin is softer and smoother than before. It might be the lotion I put on each night and morning, but maybe its the retin a micro. Also, for those who think its a bad idea to put lotion on then the micro, I can say that this method has worked ok for me so far. I do not want to jump to conclusions and say retin a micro will clear me up in a few more weeks, but it seems to work. This method keeps the peeling and dryness down alot. Anyways, I will stop boring yall now. Please comment and ask questions!! We can help eachother deal with this crappy thing called acne.

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Ok, now I am at the end of my fourth week on retin a micro. It is working decently up to this point. My skin is soft and smoother than it was before, but that may be because I put lotion on my face day and night. One thing I seem to keep having a problem with is my face getting this hot feeling. Around 5ish my face feels hot and I can tell that it has turned a slight shade of red (some days worse than others). I think it is due to the lotion, that feeling of my skin being trapped and not free to breathe. But then my problem is when I don't put any lotion on, my face looks really bad, just dry and unhealthy. So I really don't know which is better. These days I am just trying to put as little lotion on in the morning as I can to get by and make my face look nice and then put more on at night before bed.

I have a new whitehead on my cheek today and a few irritated areas on my upper cheeks but that is most likely because I went out late last night. When I washed my face last night, my face looked pretty bad. I was kinda upset. But then in the morning, it was much better. So one thing I have noticed is that retin a micro seems to keep the "badness" from being as bad as it would normally otherwise be, if that makes any sense. Well, sorry to write so much again, but this process of writing things down just kinda soothes me and allows me to go back and see my progress. I hope when I update to this log in a few weeks, I won't be saying the same things. Wish me luck.

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