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I noticed you use a lot of Aeromaleigh products, and I was thinking of trying some out. Have you tried any of the eyeshadows?? They all look sooo pretty, I cant decide on them! Also, I read on the site that you can spritz your face with water after applying the minerals, do you do this?

thank you!! :evil:

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I haven't tried any of the eyeshadows sorry :? I really don't use eyeshadow except for a beige the color of my skin just to cover up the mistakes i make with mascara *retard* :shock: Anyhow the eyeshadow samples are only $1 so i say go crazy!! at that price you can afford to. Hey ever since I started using Aromaleigh I have been getting compliments almost everyday, just today I had 3 differant people in differant places tell me i looked beautifull and had a beautifull complexion(these were strangers too-wierd!) that's how natural this stuff looks and how well it covers for me when in reality my skin is very blotchy and i have bright red marks and a few pimples(but only a few now thanks to accutane). What works for me from experimentation is to apply the pure powder with a makeup sponge- first i pat it on then gently smooth it on my skin. Then I use a shade lighter pure cover and put it on blemishes etc. with an extra eyeshadow applicater i have. The moisturizer that seems to make the best base for the makeup to go on flawlessly is vita-k solution but only if your skin isn't oily!! I could not use that stuff before accutane dried up the oil it was a big greasy mess :evil: Anyway a few minutes after putting it on, your face will warm the powders and they seem to set themselves so most peple don't need to spritz if they are properly moisturized in my opinion. But everyones differant so let us know what works for you 8)

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I have tried the glimmers or what ever you call them, they look pretty, but some of them have a gold sheen to them. I personally think BE glimmers are better, was hoping these would be just as good because the price is much cheaper. Also, I tried the neutral pure powder and it looks kinda orange, I was really dissappointed because I was hoping this would be good for when I want the matte look and BE would be good for when I want the glow. I must say though I tried a sample of glominerals and it looks so good I love it.

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