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Where to get green tea toner in the U.K or online?

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It seems that green tea toner is highly respected on these boards as a way of combating those stubborn red marks

I know theres probably already a million posts asking this already so i'll apologise in advance....

Where can I get green tea toner in the u.k or on the internet? (preferably a u,k based site)




it seems most people make their own, is this the only way?

I'd rather buy it because it would be less muching about in the kitchen/bathroom etc

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^^^ yes it isn't hard plus you know exactly what u r putting in it, most shop bought toners have loadsa shit in

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I also recommend making your own.. like Kathryn said, you know EXACTLY what is going into it, and usually the more simple the better.. a lot of company’s put in extra chemicals. Plus its really easy to make smile.gif

Hope all goes well with your red marks- good luck cool.gif


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Thanks Tessa.

The pic in your avatar is looking good! cool.gif

Is this the result of Green tea?

oh BTW...

can somebody tell me where I can get green tea?

health and herbs shop?

i'v never heard of it before


how is it applied?

do you leave it on or wash it off? or just swill your face with it as you would with say a cleanser?



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your welcome smile.gif

In this pic i have make up on. I starting a log today with pictures.. unfortunately i dont have any from before i started using green tea, but since i just recently started it, I figure we will see some MORE improvements in the pics.

You can buy green tea anywhere really, any grocery store will have it (in the tea section). I just buy the tea bags and then use the leaves from those. Also they will have it at a herb shop for sure if you want to try there smile.gif

as for how it is applied...

wash your face with normal cleanser.. dry face, then apply this toner.. I use a cotton ball and apply it to my whole face evenly (some ppl. spray it on). and then leave it on, let it dry and once its dry apply your acne medication (if you use any) and then moisturizer.

hope this helped... for more info here is the thread http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=41497

its all explained there also smile.gif

good luck smile.gif


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BomberMan I'v tried 5 or 6 toners.

The best toner I tried was the Dove essential nutrients Toner.

It has Green Tea, Vitamin A, E, B5 and Zinc.

Its a non alcohol toner and non comedogenic.

It feels really good on your face.

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