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jan carlo

Concealer or Foundation. Is there a difference?

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I've been using Maybelline Everfresh Concealer. It is the second concealer I bought. I first bought Physician's formula and it sucks a lot. It's too powdery.

Here's the website of the product I've been using:


It's pretty effective. It's like coloring your face, and it hides enlarged pores. However, it's pretty small, but cheap $5.

Has anyone used this? How long do they usually last? Can anyone recommend me some kind of product like that. Something that's like a creme, like pudding type because powdered concealers don't work for me.

I am an asian guy by the way, and Medium Beige seems to be me color, but it's kinda light a little bit.

Thanks everyone.

Also, back to topic, Concealer or Foundation?

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Well, I bet you're on a budget, and the bad news is that drugstore cosmetics, while inexpensive, aren't particularly good. The worst thing about them is trying to get the makeup to match your skin tone. First of all, you can't ever try them, because they're all packaged up. Then they only offer limited color choices, and chances are high that as an Asian, you won't find one that matches your skin tone. (I have a rather yellow complexion, myself, so I've BEEN there!)

For your foundation and concealment needs, it would really pay for you to visit the makeup counters at a better department store -- if you can. Even if you don't end up buying anything, the variety of shades and types (from liquid to powder) will be a revelation. And, it'll really help to have a sympathetic yet objective person pick out what looks best on you.

If this simply isn't an option, you could try to experiment with the mineral powder makeups. Very often you can get small sample sizes (affordable) and try out the various shade. Keep in mind that for the most natural look, you'll want several different shades that you can apply to different parts of your face and then blend together. (No one has the same skin tone all over on their face, and if you put makeup on that was all one color all over, you'd look unnatural.) If you go this route, don't forget to get a good brush, and then to clean it occasionally.

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I agree with a visti to the makeup counter. If you don't have average skin tone (I'm very, very pale) you probably won't find a good match with the drugstore brands.

I found MAC concealer Studio Finish SPF 35 to have the best colours to match my complexion as well as provide long, lasting coverage. You can apply it with a tiny makeup brush to get an extremely precise application. It is more expensive than the drug store brands but lasts a really long time.


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