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Red Mark Or Scar - Please Help!

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Hi Everyone. I have a question. About 5 weeks ago I had what looked like a small whitehead on my neck (about an inch below my jawline). I left it alone and it turned into a good size red inflammed pimple/cyst?? I don't know what it turned into because it never came to a head to pop and it did lessen in size and color but a small bump is still under the skin and now it looks like a scab. I typically do not get the red marks that people complain about here but I get a dark brown spot that will fade over time. In any event, this mark has peeled and then rescabbed over and over. Like I said earlier, it is now 5 weeks and it is still a little red scab (probably 3/4's the size of a pencil eraser). I had been putting just bp 2.5% on it until last week when I went to the derm and he looked at it. He gave me Duac gel which I have been putting on it twice a day to no avail. Anybody ever have anything like this - I am not sure if the scab will ever go away or will it just fade? Any help would be great - thanks!

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