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:( dark spots after acne! :(

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Hey. I'm so depressed b/c I have so many dark spots that are left from my acne on my face. My cheeks used to crystal clear, then this winter, after using this Aveeno cleanser, they got really cracked and dry and then pimples and cysts formed there(i never before had acne there! My forehead and nose only got breakouts before but after using aveeno i got breakouts on my cheeks and chin for the first time! I have olive, south asian/indian skin, and there are these horrible dark spots left. The acne has cleared up b/c i stopped using that horrible stuff, and got neutrogena extra gentle cleanser. I've also used virgin coconut oil to moisturize, and it's gotten rid of any existing zits and made my skin super smooth, all the cracked dryness gone! but the spots... What can i do about these spots? they're not red, they're like a dark brown-purple color, more on the brown side. My face looks so dirty b/c of them. This happened around december, but now i have the "battle scars" i'm so disgusted whenever i look in the mirror! i'm 16, by the way. I definitely don't want to use hydroquine, i'm searching for natural options like kojic acid or licorice. anymore suggestions? where could i find kojic acid or licorice anyways? I would so so appreciate feedback! I miss my clear skin, and seeing my friends every day with perfect skin is so stressing! sad.gif Please help!It's february now so i'm hoping the longest that any treatment will take is by May/june! please please respond! I would prefer not having to order anything online!

I can't tell you how demoralizing it is to look in the mirror and see my cheeks all blotched up with these dark splats! sad.gif I would sue aveeno! jk jk it makes me so mad! i don't want to wear makeup cuz i don't believe in putting layers and layers on the skin and not letting it breath. also, wearing makeup makes skin worse anyways, with all the chemicals, etc. everyone at school has perfect skin, all the girls do at least! why can't i?!?!?

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Im still fighting hyperpigmention too. You mentioned you wont try hydroquinone.. I tried hydroquinone for a couple months and it was a complete waste of time. I definitely dont recommend it.

I think the best thing for the spots are just to have a smooth acne fighting regimen and just leave them be. They seem to fade faster when you dont put so much crap on them.

Im sure you probably know this, but you must wear a sunscreen everyday. I have a sunscreen/moisturizer by Eucerin. Pretty good.

Kojic Acid? Licorice? Try a topic search. Im sure there are many topics on them.

Good luck.

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Hey girl, I know how shitty it feels when looking at the mirror AND seing all your friends with clear skin. Frankly, it's fucking depressing. I was really really down a few days ago...I struggle not only with red marks, but scars too... Anyway, I'm also South Asian, but I have really fair skin so my red marks look really really obvious. You said you don't wanna order anything online. You should try out the Baking Soda and Vinegar Method (Delna's Regimen). It's in the Red Marks forum and it's helped many many ppl, including myself. And no, they haven't miraculously disappeared, but they are fading a LOT faster than they would if I just left them alone.

And if you change your mind about buying something online, I would get a peel. I've also bought the Puredeming Intense Gel, which is quite good. It's supposed to help with red marks as well.

Anyway, hope this helps and GOOD LUCK!!! If you have any more questions, just PM me!!! I'm happy to help. biggrin.gif

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