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red spots

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Time is the only permanent solution, but for a short term solution that works great at reducing the apperance of read marks try redness reducing eyedrops. The chemicle will get rid of redness in your eyes or on your skin. Just make sure you use a very small amount that will stay on the red part, because if it rolls down your face on to a non red part it will make normal skin whiteish. This is all temprorary of course. White marks go away within an hour or so but the red marks usually look better all day. Of course you can reapply later or a couple of times right in a row, give the drops 10-15 min to dry and take some effect.

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You can try the home remedy of making a mask with 1 egge white and a squirt of lemon juice. Leave it on for 10-15 mins, then rinse.

Or you can go and buy some glycolic acid. AHA will help with red marks.

Alpha Hydrox enhanced lotion, or the one I use, Neostrata 8% GA for oily/acne-prone skin.

Also I hear a lot of good things about a papya soap. Apparently its helped a lot of people.

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Hey Strongbadia, will visine only make your red spots disappear for only a day or two, or will it last forever? Thanks

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