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Ok it's called dermal grafting

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I went to see a new derm. He does not accept new patients but his nurse called me to discuss my situation after the receptionist, on her own, conveyed it to her. The nurse says that even though he is not accepting new patients for other skin issues, he would see me for this as he is one of the few doctors in my area that treats acne scars.

For me he suggested a combo of punch excision and a process called dermal grafting. For the dermal grafting, they take skin from around your belly button and fill the holes. I have heard this done using skin behind the ear. He said the skin behind the ear is too thin so he does it this way. Says he has done this for 7 years and that he is going to publish results of his success with this. The nurse told me he has gotten great results. He says as opposed to filling the scars with collagen, which is not permanent and can cause allergic reactions, this is permanent and will not cause a reaction. And I am not trading a scar for a scar as I would with striclty punch excision.

I have 8 scars to be treated. Ice pick types. For 3 he is doing only punch, on the smaller ones. The other 5 he is going the dermal grafting. Then they use micro-dermabrasion to "sand it over" not a laser.

He said I may want to do all over micro-dermabrasion after once these scars are gone to make some of my very small scars less noticeable.

He did say, that I may need to come in for a second treatment right up front. He said not always. He says they like to be "conservative" when dealing with the face but he says some patients get 98 percent improvement after the first treatment and are happy with that.

The consult was free, which I thought was great. I am tired of paying $80 of my own money for each consult. Then the process is $750 which I dont think is too bad. He says there is a "minimal" charge if you need to have a second treatment. Not sure what minimal is, but I can afford this as opposed to a $4k laser treatment.

He says you will not see much on the web about this as he is one of the few docs in the country that treat acne scars this way. I told him if I got good results I would post it hear and that he needs to make this known as there are so few options.

He actually cautioned me about not posting it to the world as he has a very heavy patient load as it is.....but if it works I will be screaming from the rooftops!

Has anyone heard of this before? Also what is the url to the Voy boards everyone takes about?

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I did find something on the web about it


Other Approaches to Soft Tissue Augmentation

Other procedures to improve wrinkles and scars include surgically replacing or implanting material into the skin for elevation. In dermal grafting, skin is surgically harvested and implanted under the wrinkle or scar. Because this procedure represents a skin transplant, results appear to be long term. Yet, since it is a surgical procedure, it is more complex than a simple injection and is quite technique sensitive.

Similarly, synthetic grafts also can be used to fill wrinkles and scars. These synthetic materials are placed surgically within and under the skin for augmentation. This is a technique sensitive operation with a small chance of infection, foreign body extrusion, and movement of the implant from the site of placement. These products are best for thick and deep wrinkles and scars which require significant augmentation. Since these implants are permanent, movement, extrusion, or replacement requires surgical revision.


This taken from


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good luck with ur precedure i hope ur in expereinced hands tho..this derm seems to have a lot of confedience and seems really skilled..my derm just gonna put me on microderm only so i hope i find a guy that treats scars like him although mine arent bad i just have a couple dips

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hi, if it wouldnt be much a bother, could you please post before and after pics of your scars? it would really be of much help. i'm also interested in the results.

my concern is the stitching of the skin graft. how would he do it? and if he sews it up, wouldn't it create tiny holes around? thanks.

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Sure I will do it. Once I have them. I have not scheduled this yet. Hopefully I can get it done before my friend's wedding.

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There's a chapter on this technique in a book I have called Surgical Techniques for Cutaneous Scar Revision.

For some reason, I remember reading something negative about it on another message board, but I'm going by memory alone. You might want to search on the voy forum.

Maybe I can fax you the pages from this book. I'd have to make photocopies first, because I don't have a flatbed scanner.

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