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I was wondering if Benzoyl Peroxide had any negative effects long term? I've been using for about 1 1/2 years and feel like my skin has lost a lot of elasticity. My pores are much larger and have spread all over my cheeks, and my skin feels crepey. Anyone else experience this?

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Blinny I started using BP just a few weeks ago and despite using it with a moisturiser, my skin dried up immensely and the pores on my cheeks look just larger than they did before the treatment. I can't just imagine what would've happened after 1 1/2 yrs of use. I experienced a terrible reaction to BP, my skin dried up in red patches, itchy and flaky and still has not recovered completely. The scars don't heal at all.

I recommend you ask a dermatologist about it all and switch to another treatment.

Do you know anything to help fade the scars?

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Thanks for your reply. The only thing I know of to help reduce appearance of red scars is AHA's. I don't really care for AHA's though as they seemed to really dry out my skin terribly. Oh well. THe battle continues!

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Thanks really. I've been to the dermatologist on 14th and asked about BP:

:!: Be very careful about BP: She said that prolonged use of BP is thought to cause skin cancer because BP kills healthy defensive bacteria as well. These bacteria are said to form a barrier against pollution, sun damage, etc. which are the main causes of skin cancer. She adviced me to eat many vit-C fruits esp. oranges, strawberries, kiwi, grapes everyday because vit-C supports the defence mechanism, clears up the blood and aids cell renewal.

She started a regimen with an AHA and retinol-based treatment now, I started to use a mild AHA lotion and toner and within a few days (4 today) the skin improved. Way to go though, but I'm happy my skin feels a lot better today.

Good luck :wink:

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what a big bunch of crap...if BP was "thought to cause skin cancer" it would not be one of the most largely recomended acne treatment. No offense but I'd see a new derm cause yours is clueless.

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Actually, there is truth to that. Studies have been done and

proven to show that in time there could be a heightened

sensitivity ti skin cancer with long term BP usage.

I believe Canada has been trying to put out more information

regarding this as well.

If you (mattp8498) think that the powers to be would let the

cat out of the bag and risk losing a $2 BILLION market, which

BP alone is right now, you're nuts. Until they come out with

something else, this will most be some time before this comes

to be public knowledge.

It's the most largest because it does work for a lot of people,

although there are a bunch of side effects that vary with each

individual. Also, you have to undertsand that the BP included

with each product only costs pennies. You could buy a metric

ton of BP for only $1,400. The product is so cheap to make

that they make a killing even selling it for as low $4.


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Er, if your skin reacts like that, you should be using more moisturizer and less BP. Dry skin will make your skin MUCH worse than doing nothing at all will.

Make sure that when you apply your moisturizer, you let it absorb into your skin COMPLETELY (wait at least 5 minutes).

Only apply enough bp to coat your face lightly, since you're obviously sensitive to it. This isn't makeup, it's medicine.

Only people with extremely oily skin should really use more than a single line of BP down their index finger for their entire face.

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Oh, and matt - any foreign chemicals that your body is exposed to pose a potential cancer risk if your body reacts to it. The risk associated with BP is no higher than that associated with any other cleansers, however, so don't worry about it too much. You're more likely to develop lung cancer by living in LA for 10 years.

The real risk that BP poses with regards to skin cancer is the increased sensitivity to sunlight. Use a moisturizer with SPF 15.

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Acnecure that's amazing information - there's big business and money to everything at the end of the day. I searched through the pharmacology of BP and they don't know exactly how it works to kill acnegenic bacteria, as well as the complete range of side effects, other drug interactions as such.

I stopped using BP totally and started an AHA and retinol based treatment. It's been a week now and my skin is better. Etnu, you're definitely right about more moisturiser, still, I had used BP in such small quantities that I'd not expected that sort of reaction. I also started to use suncreen (Clinique City Block SPF 15) because AHA and retinol exfoliate the skin as well.

Mattp, I trust my dermatologist she's a professor specialised on acne and scar cures and it's better to take her warning into account than searching cure for skin cancer at some point. This is not to say that I'll not develop skin cancer if I stop using BP since there are so many other causes of course, yet it's wiser to eliminate a possible cause anyway.

Remember the hype about 'light' cigarettes?

Take care you all,

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extra moisturizing doesn't fix the problem for everyone i'm afraid :? when i was using bp i would use the tiniest amount only once a day or every other day plus lots of moisturizer day and night and i was still dried out red and irritated.

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Yes, that didn't work for me neither, although I used very small quantities. But still whatever acne treatment you're on, you have to use more than the normal portion of moisturiser anyway because your skin dries up. :) Try Biotherm Hydra Detox for normal to combination skin, a wonderful moisturiser. I even used it when I had the measles - when my skin looked and felt horrible. I'm using it again. Maybe a little expensive, but worth every penny. :)

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