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Accutane Pros, help me out!

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Ok, just a few questions, but first a little bit about me...

I've been on tazorac/dynacin/clindagel for about 14 weeks now. On about week 13, the derm changed the dynacin and gave me Doryx instead.

Now, i only had light-mild acne to begin with before i saw the derm. I just wanted a clear face. So i tried those meds listed above and right now, my face doing alright. Its not perfect. I also skipped the last two days of putting on my meds because i was out partying at a college. And i got about 10 new pimples. It sucks ass. And i figured...this is the life im gonna live when i goto college in September and i cant deal with worrying about washing my face and putting on tazorac and dealing with dryness if i dont put lotion on, etc. Which would mean i will be getting pimples at college which i do not want.

NOW...my acne Right Now (because i skipped 2 days) is probably considered light-mild on my FACE. On my neck, it just looks shitty, probably about 5 nice sized pimples/whiteheads. My face obviously got worse since i didnt apply anything on my face for the past 2 days, but then again my face wasnt perfect before i missed the 2 days.

So, i go back to the derm in about a month. Do you think its ok if i go on a low dose of like 20 mg a day? I absolutely love the idea of not having to worry about applying meds to your face, and just the fact of popping a pill. I heard the side effects are cut down if you take a lower dose also.

Now, my big question is....


Im fed up with this acne and i want it gone for good. Its so stubborn! I thought my face would have been PERFECT by now since Tazorac/clindagel are some of the most powerful acne meds out there, and since i had light acne to begin with, BUT its not. Its nowheres near what i thought my face would be.

Can anyone help me out here, suggestions, tips, recomendations? THANKS

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My acne has also been mild or even light (for about 2 years now - before that it was papule-pustular or so and - seldom - cystic)

but this was due to several courses of external retinoids (no antibiotics after you get cleard at least one, just stick to a good retinoid - that's my opinion).

but I've also been quite bored and wearied with having to apply those ointments every night :? :D

so I'm on the 5th day of accutane - that's a good choice to end this skinny :wink: chapter of life (HOPE SOOO! if it doesn't get rid of that, i'll take a second course of course :D )

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ive done 30 mg a day for like 4 months, then i got to 40 mg for 3 months now.....im clear :evil:

i had SEVERE acne

15 years old :shock:

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