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on around day 15.

Same red marks i guess.

Get maybe a whitehead a week, but its minor.

Using cetaphil wash

bp gel

olay moisturizer

ordered some sensis soap (Dans recomendation) and currel.

Not any big improvements yet.

I do it 2x a day no moisturizer at night.

I wet face with warm water and create lather and spread along no longer than 10 seconds rinse.

Wait 10 mins

Apply bp 1 full finger in morning (redmarks/zits only appear on cheek area both sides)

Moisturize 10-15 min Later

Drink about 4-6 Liters of water a day.

Night: Same steps except 2 fingers of bp and no moisturizer.

Don't even feel to dry at all or no more burning or redness.

When is it going to kick in!

I've tried proactiv, tetra, everything

Not going to do accutane

Motivate me! eusa_pray.gif

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dude ur first line said it all - day 15... You have weeks until you should giveup anything like this. I'm on week 3.5ish and i see much improvement.

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Few points:

Make sure you are following the regimen exactly, this cannot be stressed enough. I kept breaking out until I rubbed it in gently, all over my face exactly as the instructions said. BAM. Clear skin.

I'd perhaps try moisturising at night. It may just help to balance out your face and keep everything in check.

Otherwise, keep it up. Day 15 is VERY early!

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Yea, I remember i thought I was gonna be clear the first week, lol it dosent work that way. I mainly get acne on my cheeks too, and it takes a while to see improvement there because the skin is so thick. Just yesterday I realized that I am clear and today is 7 weeks exactly. You really need to stick it out because it WILL work for you, I have deep pimples, and now none. If your saying that ur acne is nothing major, then why would you switch regimins, i mean if you can live with it then give it time and you will slowly see results, but you will see them for sure.

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