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how long does it take to see results with differin?

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Sooo OK

I had used it before other treatments (cuz I controled my disease only moderately :oops: ) and it didn't clear macules (red marks) and scars as tretinoin and Zorac both do. The advantage over these two is only its mildness - there are NO milder retinoids out there :D so if your symptoms are light to moderate this SHALL do wonders for you!

if you have more severe acne I recomend you tretinoin (any brand will do) or Tazorac - or - if you are intent of making an ultimate order with your skin - the answer is one and only - Accutane (on which I am now). But don't try Accutane before you're 23-25 - acne may clear up by itself or by means of other medications. When you still break out then - go on Accutane (my personal advice - 'm not a derm tho')

Effectiveness in a 1-10 scale (while accutane -10 and tretinoin - 8) : 6-7.

and wait at least 3-4 months (there's considerable improvement over 8 weeks of usage but not impressive)

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It can vary. But I believe the average time is around 8 weeks to see a significant change. You may start seeing a change around 2nd or 3rd week though.

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6 weeks for improvements to start, 12 weeks later I was nearly clear...great stuff

also moisturize with the stuff...very important.

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