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Hi I've taken some pictures of what my skin looks like... I think I have moderate-severe acne.....

Pictures Here

I've tried using:

Dalicen T Face Wash + Anti bacterial dapper

Cetaphil Cleanser

Tea Tree oil/scrub from the body shop

Blackmores products

Antibiotics from the doctor

Cleracil Products


Basically these products have made very little difference to my acne.. some cleared up parts, some made my skin peel etc..the antibiotics made it MUCH worse

At the moment I'm just washing with an antibacterial soap which seems to keep the zits at bay but thats about all.

So I was just wondering if anyone had any reccomendations other than Lazer treatment or Accutane.


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I too was prescribed antibiotics and everything just got worse. I stopped taking them and got better but definitely still needed help. I have acne on my cheeks and it was very sore and RED, almost swollen looking! My dermatologist prescribed Differin gel, Azalex Cream and Plexion Cleanser...NO CHANGE! Recently I went back and he gave me Tazorac and I couldn't be happier! (I am still using Azalex and Plexion too.) People at work have even stopped me to tell me how much better it is looking! You might want to Tazorac. I think it could really help you!

Good luck!

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If your acne is not responding to your current treatments, you should talk with your derm. You may truly have acne, but it might also be something else. Ask your derm about a possible case of Gram Negative Folliculitis. If you have it, traditional acne treatments will not help and will probably make your skin worse. Ironically, one of the best treatments for Gram Negative Folliculitis is Accutane. My derm just put me on a high dose of Cipro(oral antibiotic), topical erythromycin, and Nizoral shampoo for washing my face. He wants to aggressively treat this infection. Since you are already seeing a derm, it wouldn't hurt to ask. Good luck...

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I think for the type of acne you have you should definitley consider accutane, especially since its been pretty unresponsive to conventional methods of treatment.

Good Luck

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