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I need some advice please

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Okie well around 99-2000 i started to get acne it wasnt extremely severe but bad enough so mild -> moderate i went on accutane following some other products i was put on it cleared me up but recently this past year im very disgusted with my skin the tone of my skin like when i wake up is just ugly red around my t zone and i have a few marks still id say i have an oily t-zone and the rest is dry/sensitive best to describe me lately ive been getting breakouts under and around my mouth under my nose couple on my cheeck and neck but not much so i said ok thats it i thought when i stopped accutane years back it would keep my skin clear forever boy was i wrong so right now im not batteling anything extremely severe enough to make me self consious and ive been wearing makeup lately i was going through the bathroom cabinet and found some 10% BP Gel some minocin pills and a 0.1% Differin gel (adapelene) the last couple days what ive started is this morning splash some water on my face take a minocin pill and apply some 0.1% differin gel and at night i was my face with a cleanser called biore with tea tree oil followed by a biore toner and then a classic fragrance olay moisturizer finally i apply the 10% BP to affected areas what do you guys think of this anything u could suggest i should change the products i found were from a couple years old i mean they should still be affective ? ive noticed my face starting to dry up so it has to be working also could someone recommend some good makeup combination i should use something to make the tone of my skin look smooth and natural and tanned im in canada thanks for any comments or suggestions


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hmm heres my theory--less is more. seriously, i used to do a million and one things to my skin, now i just wash with gentle cleanser (purpose or cetaphil) use some gentle toner, clinique no 2 if im oily, neutrogena alcohol free if dry, and moisturize with vita k. The more u keep messin with it, the redder and more irritated it will become--ur face will calm down if u are nice to it! (but i do use acne medications too that have done the trick also)

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