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DAN..About percentages of BP

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Alright dan first I just want to say thanks for providing this forum for us to discuss our problems and help others. Your regimen has really helped my skin get clear, and stay clear. Ive been on it I think 3 months now and im clear except for some red marks. I dont use all of your recommended products though. I use OXY 10% BP instead of the neutrogena stuff because in the past thats what I used and it made my skin clear. I guess it could just be chance that I started doing things right and it happened to be with that product but I dont want to switch to a lower % and have my skin break out. My face is kinda red looking at times though and I just think its because of the BP. I guess all I wanted to know is if some people work better at a higher % BP. Have you ever used anything stronger? Thanks for the help.

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I'll bet you anything that your skin will stay clear with a 2.5% cream, everything else being the same. And you will be less irritated as well.

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Yea I trust your judgement Dan. Its always helped me in the past. I remember first reading about the regimen and thinking...moisturizer is going to help get rid of my acne?? I tried it though and it worked so thanks for the advice. Im going to drop down to a 5% concentration and see what happens from there.

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