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accutane is such a bad drug

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iu dunno but as with all drugs i believe ur fucking up ur system when u go on any artifical drugs in ur system ur bodys not used to it so it reacts with abnormal abilitys thats why all the drugs i take are from the ground and i get my vitamin a from carrots but as u all know sometimes u need accutant to fucking get rid of the disease so i was wondering if any one has bhad any side effects my derm didnt put me on accutane when i was loung couse i was getting the unscarring blemmishes but i was like what the fuck man he said itll kill me and i was around 13 yrs old at that time now that im 18 and my acne is coking back and im on minocin but the effects are waring off im gann go on accutane on low dosage after that im ganna take care of myself really good load up on herbs pills exfoliat my skin clense my body mind and sould meditate and whatever i need to do in alternative medice to hopefully remove that accutane side effects if theres any and no i wont take drugs ..only if i had life threatening diseases for colds i just take vitamin c but ya hopefully i can get throught my accutane experience

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Yeah man, i'm tired as is so I don't feel like attempting to read your scrambled post. Make sentences, and don't make so many typos. I don't know if that's just your homie-g language or what, but it ain't any form of english. Maybe edit it or something. Form sentences and use commas. lol


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Accutane is the ONLY thing that works against severe acne..... I dont complain, my body isnt affected by accutane in no-way....


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