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Ive been on many regimens that include antibiotics with a high concentration retin-a at night and 5% bp wash in the morning. My face is always dry and sometimes peels. Currently the antibiotics im taking is 2 pills twice a day (tetracycline). I have moderate acne, not the cystic kind but.... nothing works! Ive been contemplating taking accutane but my derm is trying everything else first, which is probably smart. If you've had experience with moderate acne or want to post your thoughts, anything can and will help. Any regimens that help? PLZZZ POST THEM! -stan

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I hope that you can find something that works, nothing worked for me and honestly I never had a Cyst like acne until Accutane and my entail break out! redface.gif But I have been told even by my derm that this would happen. I tried everything, over the counter and years of prescriptions, ect. Nothing ever working for me. As everyone on here always says ever person has different skin types and reacts differently to things, I hope that just antibiotics works for you. As for me though I have zits like I have never had before right now, it is so going to be worth it when I finally have great skin! Anything is worth a try but honestly save some time and a lot of money and go right to the tane! eusa_clap.gif I wish I did the tane first, would have saved me thousands and a lot of wasted time. biggrin.gif

Best of luck!

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thanx for postin cassadie, its good to see someone read my message and actually cares smile.gif you said your taking tane right now, or have you finished your coursE? i got some questions if thats okay.. im just skeptical about all the long term effects :\

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