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For those of us that are brave (or stupid) enough to attempt TCA CROSS on our own at home, the risk of spilling acid and causing serious damage is very real. To those who are experienced with this procedure, what are steps to take to make home CROSS as safe as possible?

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I take my tca container and put it into ANOTHER container so that if it gets knocked over, it won't spill beyond the container I've set it in. I just use some kind of plastic tupperware container. Like Emma said, be sure to read all you can. All of this really is covered in the original thread.

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Nice tips, emmanuel and denise.

@emmanuel: what is the vaseline surrounding the scar supposed to do?

@oursfan: I understand that you don't want to promote home TCA, but if people are going to do it anyway, shouldn't they at least know how to do it safely?

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So I did a round of TCA cross tonight and:

- wore disposable vinyl gloves

- wore a jacket to protect my torso, neck, and arms

- transferred a bit of TCA 50% into a small vessel (shot glass!)

- after transfer, immediately closed the TCA container (tightly) and put it away

- made sure to keep the vessel away from my elbows and out of reach of swinging arms

- changed toothpicks after every 6(approx) applications, to prevent build-up and dripping

So does that sound fairly safe? What else could I have done to make the process safer?

I didn't get vaseline, but next time I'll make sure to have some on hand.

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