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Punch Excision update

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You will not believe why. They wanted to take before and after photos. I understand the logic behind this. Then I asked if I could have copies of the photos. They gave me a very hard time about this. I argued that this would be considered part of my medical records and I should be entitled to a copy. Well...after arguing 15 minutes with the office mgr about this, they tell me I have gone over my "alloted time"!! I had to wait 1.5 hours for the doctor last time. Now I have gone 15 minutes late. So I argued again. I took a week off from work and had to mentally prepare for this and took a tranquilizer I was so nervous. Then, after consulting with the doctor, said the doctor patient trust has been violated and that the doc felt I did not trust him and would never do the procedure on me!! All because I wanted a copy of the pictures. I was so mad.

Then I said how could the doctor patient trust be violated as I have not even spoken to the doctor today and asked to see him. They refused saying he was with another patient. Then they would call me back later, I think in order to avoid a possible scene.

I was so upset I cried all day. I wanted to get this done before I wedding I am in at the end of May as I am self conscious of how I will look.

So now I am seeing another doctor. So hard to find ones that actually do this. He also does something called dermagrafting, anyone hear of this?

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OMG! don't want to be disrespectful but what were you thinking. The ends will justify the means. Keep the images in your head who cares about hard copy. A doc took a photo of my face at the consultation and i didn't even go through with the procedure.

I have heard of dermagrafting or dermarestructuring. It is one of those fancy terms. My doc used similar wording describing a fat transfer + laser combo.

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