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decided i have to give back to this site cause i did get alot of usefull info from here, but the way i got my skin clear was from basically trial and error over the years. here are a few things i found that helped my skin along the way untill i finally found what worked for me to my skin clear. This will probally work better for you if your skin type is more like mine, which is prone to dryness right after washing or using bp or whatever, but generally very oily the rest of the day, i never got a lot of cystic acne but i did have alot of whiteheads and those other infected pimple types that dont surface. try it out it might work for you.

rule 1- use a gentile cleanser 2x a day. i hated cetaphil cause it never got me clear and always seemed to make my skin worse, but apparently lots of people like it. What i use is clearsil for sensitive skin. I also used to use purpose gentile liquid and clean and clears foaming liquid for sensitive skin, both have the same ingredients. My skin was relativly clear when using them but my skin would got dry alot and i think that has a lot to do with why i wasnt totally clear. The clearsil gentile cleansing has glycerin in it, which supposidly helps your skin from losing all its moisture when u wash your face. Whenever i used a cleanser with salicylic acid or bp it always made my skin worse, you dont need to apply those medications to every part of your face and definetly not 2times a day.

rule 2- never use your cleanser in the shower. This will dry your skin out 10x more than if u just wash in the sink. Even now when i take showers early in the morning and dont use any cleanser my skin will feel tight, alot drier and tighter than when i wash with a cleanser in a sink.

rule 3- dont use a moisturizer. if your taking care of your skin then a moisturizer shouldnt be neccesarry. my skin sometimes gets a little flaky right when i get out of the shower so i just wait a little for my skin to dry and then just rub some water into my face and its not noticable. Then about a half hour aftewards my face doesnt feel the least bit dry anymore. I think moisturizers block pores, i dont care what the bottle says. all the dead skin that would be shedding off yoru face just gets stuck under the layer of goop. when i stopped using moisturizer my acne got a lot better.

rule 4- bp and salicylic acid may be making your skin worse and causing acne in places that you wouldnt have it if you werent using bp everyday. Do this experiment and see. following rules 1-3 stop using all bp and salicylic acid for 2 weeks. When i did this i found that my cheeks which always had acne completely cleared up. my forehead on the other hand which never got bad acne started breaking out. i always rubbed bp all over my whole face just to make sure, but apparently the bp did a lot of good. So what i do now is just use bp on my forehead at night, ive found that is effective enough to keep my clear. But after a while of doing nothing to my cheeks i started getting small less infected whiteheads on my cheeks, and these sort of plugs that i could kind of get out of my skin by rubing my finger nail into them. I decided that i just didnt have enough exfoliation on my cheeks. So i started using salicylic acid pads once a day, in the middle of the day not right after showering or any other time my skin would be prone to irritation from the SA.

so basically just figure out for yourself what products to use on what parts of your face. I use bp on my forehead cause i break out with infected white head or unsurfacing infected pimples if i dont use bp. And i use salicylic acid on my cheeks cause i get those "plugs" which will often turn into smaller less infected white heads.

good luck

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