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yes this is great stuff. You need to make sure you rinse it off properly though, or else you might break out from it because the cream might clog your pores. I use a seperate foaming face wash straight after this to emulsify all the cream. It worked excellent.

I recently switched to the c&c advantage acne cleanser but i can only use it once a day because it dries my skin loads. I think the cream wash + foaming wash combo is better, as it doesnt dry your skin and lets you put loads of BP on after wivout drying your skin too much

Does anyone know what percent of SA this has in it? It is so gentle that i am curious to see how much SA it actually has. Other SA washes are incredibly drying. This is...moisturising!

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i've been using it for almost a week now and i love it..i used to use Aveeno..but it was too drying..this one is amazing..i love the feeling it gives my skin..

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does anyone find this breaks them out if used alone (i.e. not using another face wash str8 after this) I don't know if i dare try it on its own because last time it seemed to break me out. (of course the breakouts could have been due to a huge number of variables. Thats what sucks with acne - you never no what is causing it.

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