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Ive been on B5 for just over a week now, I went out the other night and felt wrecked after a couple of pints. I accredited it to not really eating all day but i went out again last night and the same. My friends thought I had been drinking heavily before I came out or something.

Anyone seem to get drunk real quick while on B5??? Or am I imagining things

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Lol, I woudln't recommend taking a bunch of things to try to get you to drink more but if you take those liver detox pills or tea or somethign that has those ingredients in them such as milk thistle, dandelion, burdock, licorice, yellow dock, etc....not only will you probably not get a hangover, but you'll process the liquor very very fast and so you can drink more. I'm aware of the irony.

Something's freaky about me because I don't ever get hangovers and I sober up really fast, like from drunk to bored out of my mind and disturbingly clear headed within 1/2 hour. It sucks because after I sober up drunk people seem really annoying, and I don't feel like drinking anymore. At least I have the DD to talk to on the way home, unless we take the train, than it's me trying not to punch my drunk friends in the face for being annoying.

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