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Well Hello Everybody!

I am a college student who has had acne problems since I was around 11 years old. My junior year in high school I went to a dermatologist who gave me clindamyacin which cleared my severe chin acne up pretty well, but I still had breakouts on other parts of my face. Recently I have been plagued with non-stop nodules on my cheeks and I was so embarrased going to work and to school each day. All the products I used just dried out my skin and made my face really red (I'm a red head with fair skin so this was not fun). About 2 months ago I started using Noxzema face wash Plus Moisturizers just to cool my face, which felt really good and slowed some of the peeling. A week or so afterwards I started using Neutrogena Advanced Acne Solutions kit. I still had breakouts for a month or so, but my nodules weren't nearly as painful and big as they were before. Now, I have been nodule and acne free for 4 weeks using this routine with products found in any drugstore:


1. Wet face with warm water and wash with Neutrogena Step 1 face wash (scrubs off dead skin, too).

2. Splash face with cold water and pat dry. If I see any peeling skin I use my clean towel to exfoliate it off (Maybe some of you might not want to do this and it is all up to you)

3. Follow with Neutrogena Moisturizer from kit

3. Apply Cover Girl Clean Make-up sparingly and lightly finish with Almay Pressed Powder


When I get home I wash my face with Noxzema Plus Moisturizers face wash to get rid of the make-up.


1. Wash face again with Noxzema

2. I use a basic astringent at night to get rid of anything hiding out in my pores

3. Use Neutrogena Step 1 face wash again

4. Use Step 3 Overnight Gel

If I have a bad zit that I have to get rid of (NOT A NODULE) I pop it and smother it with the Step 3 Overnight Gel and cover it with a small band-aid and in the morning it is USUALLY much smaller and not festering again, if you know what I mean.

Also, if you do use make-up, my experience is that the more time your face doesn't have any on the better. During my Winter Break from school, my skin cleared up a lot quicker than it had previously because it had a chance to stop the breakout cycle from my clogged pores.

I hope that any of this information can help somebody out there. I am just so glad that my face is finally clear after so long trying to hide my face.

Good luck to all!

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