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Accutane, Suicide, Acne...... Reposting as a topic

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Accutane is not bad in and of itself, check your premises.....

I only say this because of the thousands of people accutane has helped. Unfortunatly, it is a drug, and drugs never have the same affect on different people. Side effects differ, reactions differ, and effectiveness differ. I know over 10 people including family members who have been on accutane, 8 of them had amazing results, and two had to be taking off because of cholesterol and liver issues.

I have to honestly say that everytime I read on this board that someone is thinking about commiting suicide over acne I can't help but get a terrified feeling in the pit of my stomach. I think alot of people go into taking accutane already depressed. Sometimes due to the very nature of acne, but sometimes for other issues. It is important to realize that there are acne solutions out there. I think it can be frustrating to think of Accutane as "THE LAST RESORT". Because of the very way in which accutane works, you may not see results in the first couple of months, or even after the first round of treatment. I know how disheartining that can be. My brother was actually taken off Accutane, but his doctor went back and tried a different regimine of antibiotics and creams and this time is worked. He had already gone through all the AB's and creams and thought that the new regimine wouldn't work, but it did. It is now 13 years later and he's still clear, this is a man who used to have severe cystic acne. He now has an amazing daughter and a wonderful life. None of those things would have ever been possible if he had taken his own life. And from a sellfish aspect I don't know how I could have handled losing him. Trust me, I have already lost a brother to a drunk driver and that completely devestated our family. Unfortunately that was a loss that none of us could have prevented. But your family could help prevent it from happening to them. Please let them know what's going on inside your head. I'm not a psychologist so I don't really know how to help those on this board that have made allusions to killing themself. However, I do feel it is neccessary to say something.

All any of us really want is to seem to look "normal". But normal is relative, one persons beauty is not anothers. I have friends who I think are beautiful, clear skin, nice teeth, model-esque features, yet they are still able to find themselves ugly in front of a mirror. One has a lot of freckles and spends hours trying to cover them up. Another has one blue eye and one grey, she has a problem with wearing contacts so everyday she faces the world "differently" and in a way that she feels is embarrassing. What I'm trying to say is that even after the acne goes away there will always be that little something that we hate. But if you let your insecurities overtake your ultimate ability to become something amazing, then nothing will ever change. I personally do not believe in a heaven or hell. I believe that this life is our one oppurtunity to do it all and just experience everything that comes to us. I personally refuse to take that for granted.

I hate my acne, I hate that I feel a need to cover myself with makeup everyday, but if that's what I have to do forever than I will. I'm working on treating it, and I hope that Accutane works for me, but if it doesn't then you better believe that I'll keep trying as long as it bothers me.

I hope this helps anyone, and I'd really like to hear what people have to say in response. I'm going to post this as a topic as well so that maybe some more people see it.

Like I said before, I'm not a physcologist, but I am worried about people who are already so depressed being on a drug that may increase that depression without them even realizing it. I also don't want people to be told that accutane is in general a bad medication. You never know until you try and it may help others.

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wow this has gotta be the most heartening and inspiring post i have ever read on these boards. you sound like an amazing person man (girl?). we need more of you in this world.

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Guest agentx

posts like this give us hope. although i still feel like sh|t when i look in the mirror :D ive got severe cystic acne like your brother. im going on accutane in a few weeks. lets see.

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I got 3 words for ya Kiraayn.....VERY good post! I thouroughly enjoyed reading that. I hope accutane will work for you though....sounds like it did to most of the others in your family. You have a lot of ummmm willpower I guess it would be. To keep pushing yourself and continue to have a great life eventhough of acne. As for me....I couldn't do that before. I stopped going to school, stopped working, stopped everything cuz I was so hidious. And i'm so grateful everyday for how well accutane has worked for me so far, even with half the treatment still left for more changes. Anyways, i'm indeed sorry to hear about your brother who died. I know it may not seem like it, but I am. God bless and I pray for the best for ya.


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