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Moisterizer problem

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Would you still recommend using a moisterizer with dans regimen. If you work outdoors and sweat constantly?

today was my first day on dans regimen. Got a huge pimple on my forhead. Probably a cyst.

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Well im pretty depressed now. Been reading about acne and sweat. They say it aggravates it. Some say sweat can clog pores? Like i said before im a mover. so i sweat for 20 min periods. about 14 times a day.

So im guessing m y huge pimple was caused by all the sweat, combined with the moisterizer.

It totally freaked me out when i got home. I didnt look at my face all day, and i see this HUGE pimple. I couldnt believe my eyes.

I know you really cant complain on day 1. But it was just wierd getting a huge cyst on day 1. lol.

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I was a little anxious about using moisturizer too when I started the Regimen, but i discovered that my face produced more oil when I didn't use a moisturizer. My acne became more irritated and oilier than ever. I think the key is to find the right moisturizer for you. I use clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. It's lightweight and great even on top of BP. I usually apply BP and wait 15-20 min before applying the lotion.

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My forehead is the worst for me. that is where all my pimples are. I get a few whiteheads around my chin and nose.

I suspose it would make sense, that is where most of sweat comes from. Combine that with hair rubbing, = red bumps.

I actually work with my dad moving things. He is 54 and right now has 4 or 5 big red bumps on his forhead,and some smaller ones on his cheaks. It amazes me he still gets the stuff at 54.

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