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Hey darlings! Okay, well I'm 15 and have recently started Accutane. I've had very stubborn acne for 4 years and I've tried EVERYTHING!!! My acne isn't that bad but I get a lot of cystic ones along my chin that are so annoying. So I'm on 60 mg a day, and it has been about 11 days or so. After the first 4 days my skin started clearing up and my breakouts were smaller...but now, it's breaking out sooo bad. Especially on my cheeks which is really odd...cystic ones that hurrrt. mad.gif ughh I guess this is the initial breakout... So to all the 'tane users, when did your initial breakout stop? I really can't wait 'til my skin is clear, or almost clear! hee hee Well thanks for reading my post and hopefully I'll get some replies!!! biggrin.gif

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Ive been on it for almost a month now and I am still in my breakout phase. According to most on here it seems like it verys widely!

Heres to PERFECT skin!!

Crystal razz.gif

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There's a lot of ups and downs on 'tane. It'll get to a point though where the breakouts aren't as severe.

I'm there after about a month and a half, but it's different for everyone.

Good luck!

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