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At my place of work I have a few employees that preach ProActive. Stating it cured all for them and worked great. For moisturizing and what not I hear its pretty good. I just ordered it today...its kind of expensive ): but hopefully it will be worth it! I will let you guys know how I like it. The ladies I talked to say they can't live without it so... I guess only time will tell.

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I've had _horrible_ experiences with this product ... Well, moreso with the company that allocates it. I bought the ProActiv system after I saw the infomercial ... The product definately felt alot better to use than the harsh perscription benozyl peroxide cream that I had been using; however, it wasn't as effective as I had hoped. Indeed, there was a little improvement; however, my face wasn't clear after three weeks, as they said it would be.

The bottles are very small, and do not last very long. After three weeks or so, I was out, and decided to purchase another round in hopes that with a little more time, the product would begin to work.. I ordered a few side products as well. ONE MONTH LATER it finally got to me. I called daily, every day, and I was assured that it would be there soon. However, after this had gone on awhile, they finally told me that they never sent in in the first place, as one of the products was on hold. In the meantime, I experienced a breakout from hell ... My acne got worse -- to the point where Accutane became necessary. It really wasn't -that- horrible before ProActiv. ( I've been on Accutane for four months now! )

The company responsible for the allocation of ProActiv's product needs to get their act together. Did I mention that they also sent $500 worth of products that I didn't order? When I tried to send them back, they would not accept it, as the 30 day return policy was over ( It takes seven days for rush delivery on their shipment plan -- much longer for regular service. ) When I refused to pay for these products, they sued me.

This product is a scam. Indeed, it may be ideal for those with MILD acne, but there's no way that it'll get rid of anything over that. They need to realize that this isn't a product people can wait TWENTY or more days to receive ... one night of no cleansing can lead to a breakout. I've been speaking with a few people online that have had similar experiences ... This is not an isolated incident.

... Well, I hope that you have better luck with this than I did! ...

In truth, Accutane is the only way to go ... The side effects aren't -that- bad, and the end result is well worth it.


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The renewing cleanser is to harsh. It has these little beads in it thats suppose to exfoliate your skin but all it does is feel like its tearing up my skin. The toner burns when you put it on and The repairing lotion my my face red, swollen and itchy. Proactiv is crap

hope it works for you though :D

I cleared myself with just washing my face twice a day with purpose cleansing bar. Wierd eh?

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yo buy from neutrogena man

they are good.

this is what i do. i don't have a lot of acne.

neutrogena gentle cleaser.

then multi vitamin treatment.

spot treat pimple with polysporin

less is more man.

i rememeber when i had bad acne, and i put on BP in the morning, and tropical cream at night, yo... it killed my face dude.

it made all these scars and turned my face red and dry.

acne is just a symtom of somthign wrong in your body. don't listen to what they say about diet doens't affect acne. or sleep doesn't affect acne.


eat more veggies, fruits and fish. cut down on all meat and sweets, drink more water, get more sleep. don't use harsh products

and u'll notice your face just got better

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