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Hi everyone....I've been reading this board for a while, i'm sorry it took me so long to add my 2 scents :D .... I don't know how to post my picture here, but i'll be more than happy to email it to anyone. My skin was badly damaged by an electrolygist, I was suffering some painful ingrown hairs. I was left with a damaged patch of skin next to my mouth/cheek with big scars and pores and facial hair won't grow there anymore. It has changed my life as most of you can relate. Ok so on to the procedures...I saw a well known laser guy in NYC who for a year performed laser sessions on me once a month to help rebuild collagen. No improvement and he used the candela lasers...I then went to see Dr. Rappaport where i had 3 subcision/N-lite procedures done. That helped with the big scars, but ice pick scars/ big pores, not a chance...At this point i'm battling an area on my cheek with many many icepick scars/pores...LOTS in a small area...I've decided to try N-lite for this...so for the past 6 months i've been doing the N-lite and i'm sorry to say, not much improvement!..I was even at 3 joules last session which left laser marks for a week. So I guess you can say i'm at a dead end. I was thinking of getting CO2 laser or dermabrasion done on just that area, but I don't think i'm a good candidate for that...Sorry if i sound so negative, but i'm here to join the war on scars!!!!

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