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Accutane 4th month questions

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I'm in my 4th month- 3 months and 1 week done and to be honest, accutane has not lived up to the hype for me personally. First 2 weeks I was on 40mg/day, last 11 weeks 80mg/day. I hardly get any new marks now but my face is almost always VERY red. I am pretty sure my derm wants me to be on it for the rest of this month and 1 more which would be 5 total months. Is this normal for my face to still be red in the 4th month and if so when does it usually stop? Also, are more people usually on accutane for 5 or 6 months? Will the leftover red marks(not really scars) and overall redness not go down until after I am finished my course?

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Hey, I'm the same as you, but I'm 3 months and 2 weeks in smile.gif I'm also not too happy with my skin yet. It's improved, but I still breakout about twice a week, which is so annoying. And this past week I got a cyst, which I haven't got in two months! What the hell.

I'm all red too, and I actually do find that washing with cold water helps. Pressing too hard against my skin with my fingers when I wash also seems to make my face stay red for hours. I know that sounds stupid, but I swear it's at least half of my problem.. I've noticed decreased redness since using less pressure to wash.

I have a feeling I'll stay red until I'm off Accutane, but everyone is different. Just go with the flow I say... drinks lots of water and be assured that it WILL go down once you're done smile.gif


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