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I have suffered from acne from the age of 16 to around Christmas time last year, I am now 20. I had loadsa little pimples all over my face, whiteheads, blackheads and spots all over my body. I tried all the benzyol peroxide products under the sun and granted for a couple of weeks from time to time I would have no spots, just a whole load of red marks etc. I tried ethromycin, minocin etc and although they helped they didn't clear up my skin. I decided then that I wanted to go onto accutane but was refused to do so by my doctor. I thought to myself 'What am I supposed to do then, leave the spots to fester and the scars to build up?'. I decided to try using an antibacterial bodywash and face wash while I tried to persuade my doctor to change his mind. Before using the face wash however I placed a hot (just bareable on the skin hot) flannel on my face because it seemed to dry my face from the continuous sweat and calm the white heads and blackheads down. Anyways I started this routine and going to the gym around November time last year and up until now my skin is 100 percent better. I only get one or two spots on my face from time to time and a few on my back every now and then. I put alot of this down to the fact i'm nearing 21, but also because I am no longer using products on my skin which although in the short- time can be helpful for your skin, in the long- term are harmful. The red marks are also fading rapidly.

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Basically warm the flannel or small towel via hot water. Place it over ur face a couple of times (for about 5 seconds or so), personally i mainly do it on the forehead and nose cause that's where I get breakouts. Do this before you apply ur face wash and then rinse with warm water. Wash ur face twice a day. If you do workout etc. then try and do this before u wash ur face like normal, if u can't then just rinse ur face with warm water. I'm not saying it's gonna work for everyone but there's no harm in trying...

Good luck...

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