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Covering 14 year old male skin

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Hi, I am a woman, and in make-up terms there is no difference in what products to use for a man and a woman.

I would personally suggest that you don't start using make-up. There are thousands of products out there, most of them useless! They cost a lot of money, and if they are not right for you then you have wasted about £10. If you have never tried make-up before, don't! It is hard to use, and it is ALWAYS noticeable. Unless you have perfect skin, or are very experienced with your products, then the results will be very less than satisfactory. Girls can immediately tell if you are wearing foundation or concealer and there is no way around it. Boys, nowadays can as well - but maybe not so much as girls. There is also the problem of touch ups - if you have oily skin especially, your make-up will not stay perfectly as it did when you first applied it. So you would need to touch it up during the day, and if you are a boy would you be comfortable standing in the bathroom applying make-up in front of everyone else?

So bottom line is, don't start using it! BUT if you must, use a concealer, these are highly pigmented sticks or liquids that you dab and blend on your area that needs to be concealed. If you are in the UK something cheap may do you, like Rimmel's Hide The Blemish @ £2.99 or perhaps Maybelline Everfresh @ £5.99 If you want to go into the high-end cosmetics then try MAC or Smashbox.

But I really would strongly advise you not to enter the world of cosmetics!

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I TOTALLY agree with EDAT. I wish I had never started using makeup. It ruined my skin. My brothers had bad acne as teen agers, and they both pretty much did nothing for it and it went away after a few years, and they now have beautiful skin. I had no acne as a teenager, but I still did all kinds of crap to make sure I didn't get it, and I wore makeup and now I have acne and bad skin.

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I just bought make-up today, and I'm 17. It's called Physician's Formula Concealer 101 Perfecting Concealer Duo. It's my first time using a concealer. I tried it a while ago on my red-marked face as a test-run for tomorrow, and after putting it on, I laughed so hard because I looked SO GAY. I suck at these. Help... me?

-it sucks on pimples because it makes them more noticeable. It's pretty good on small scars because it makes me look that I have no scar at all, but I really really look GAY. It's not that I am not against gay people, but I am straight and do not want to be called for something I am not.

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But again, I agree with EDTA, do not put make up on your face because it will make things worse. I bought make-up because I am a hypocrite who's going to rule the world with hypocritic messages. Haha, j/k. My red scars are soo bad this time around that I really really really have to put on these concealers because my face looks like a stained shirt. I envy those of you who get their red marks healed in just a few weeks. Mine takes over 8 months.

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Yes I'm wearing makeup in my avatar; concealer in a bunch of places and setting powder on top(Im also wearing eye liner in the pic but thats beside the point.) It doesn't seem like anyone ever notices.. no one ever says anything about it. Most of the people I know I've told anyway.. as far as my friends and my girlfriend and stuff. If you look up close in bright lighting you can kinda tell that I'm wearing concealer.. but no one really looks at me up close in bright lighting so I dont care.

Here's a bigger pic of my avatar so you can see my skin better:

user posted image

(keep in mind that without the makeup my skin has tons of very red redmarks n shit)

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You know what sucks? If you have good skin already, and only need to even out surface texture then makeup is for you. You'd probably look amazing.

One thing I've found is that if you actually need it, or need more of it, it won't look as nice. sad.gif Weird huh? LOL

If you've got already decent skin, makeup will make it look even better and looks natural.

I wouldn't recommend it just because it's very likely to cause more acne.

That said, beautifully clear, natural skin is damn hard to fake. No matter how well applied the makeup, there is a slight difference between naturally perfect and almost naturally perfect.

I know lots of guys who wear it, and it looks perfectly fine. You wouldn't be able to tell unless you sat and analyzed it for a while. The technology is a lot better now, and I know a lot of guys, some who you'd never expect, know how to apply foundation better than a lot of women.

By the way, jan carlo, that's a pretty bad product to start out with anyway. It's better to have someone match you, and help you out. DIY is hard enough as a girl!

OT, I hate it when people say "so gay". LOL

Good luck. I have found that in terms of makeup, expensive usually translates to finer textures and more shades to choose from. It's possible to have it look natural. Especially if you go slow. This is why celebs take hours to be ready.

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