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My experiences on accutane & every other drug

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Hey guys. I have been reading this forum for maybe a week now and thought i would put up my first post. I just want to share with you many of my experiences so you can all make better decisions about how to deal with acne.

I started having acne in maybe my sophomore yr of high school and i have tried EVERY thing from benzacline to doxycycline to bp to minocycline to erythomyocin to prednisone to many, many more which escape me at the moment. Basically, every medication you guys are experimenting with, I have taken. No antibiotic has every worked for me and topicals and prescribed soaps have subtly helped.

Now on to my experience with Accutane. I was on it for 6 months last yr and let me tell you, it was a rough ride. My initial breakout was HORRIBLE. My acne reached the worst it has gotten while on Accutane and it lasted for 3 months!!!! I was giving up on Accutane until I started to notice my face clearing at the end of my 4th month and into my 5th month. I had nose bleeds, joint pains when exercising, and extreme dryness. I also have developed a little bit of fatigue which I still have. The symptoms are really not as bad as people make them out to be. I think that the results have far exceeded the symptoms and risks. After finishing Accutane, i was virtually clear. It really is a miracle drug and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from acne as I did.

I have been off of accutane for 4 months now and I am starting to break out again. My breakouts are much more milder and controllable. They are nothing compared to the cysts I used to get. I would say that I am 85% clear now.

My reccomendations:

take ACCUTANE (i cannot emphasize enough now much it has turned around my life)

Basic Sensitive Skin Soap (twice a day)

Eucerin Skin Renewal Facial Mostuirizer (twice a day)

Lots of water

Avoid dairy

Change pillow case every night (helps to keep your face clean)

I have tried bp wash, Neutrogena, Clinique, h20, clean & clear, cetaphil- NONE of them worked for me although I give props to Neutrogena for helping a little.

Try Basic Soap. It is inexpensive and effective.

Other than Accutane, I would say the single most thing that has helped me is the change of facial mostuirizer. When I was on Accutane and even before it, I used Cetaphil facial lotion as recommened by my derm. Cetaphil made my face so greasy and made me break out more. Eucerin Skin Renewal is AWESOME. I virtually never get any new pimples and it doesnt make my face look so shiny all the time. As soon as i changed facial mostuirizers i noticed how fast my acne was clearing. Try it!

Hope I helped a little


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When you said you started to notice your face clearing after the change of moisturizor, was this change also in your 4th month when you started to clear? Do you think it was the moistureizer that made the difference, or was it just your time to clear up? I went out and bought some Eucerin today cause after readin ur post i don't really like the cetiphil either.


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Guest Craigems

Fantastic Omar sounds good ... except the dairy. I live on dairy and i have to say it hasnt caused be to breakout once on tane.

I dont know why people avoid dairy soo much? Its very very good for you in many ways, and it does not have a link to causing acne! For me personally i think its sugar that screws the skin up but i mean even that does havent that much of a link either. I'm on my 3rd month and i'm 90% clear and i was fortunate to avoid the initial breakout smile.gif

I do most the same things as you Omar, but i change my pillow case every 4 days. Twice one side then twice the other side. And yep my own cool brands which are effective for me in regards to cleaning. Sounds like our routine is similar!

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I was on cetaphil my whole duration of taking accutane and i think it may have delayed the clearing process. Ive been off accutane since october last yr and a couple weeks ago i began to break out. After reading many, many posts in not only this forum, but in other forums, i was compelled to try eucerin and basis soap as many have good things to say about it.

I am certain it is the change of mostuirizer that has trememndously improved my complexion in the last few weeks because i dont get any new pimples. It was actually schocking to me when i swtiched mostuirizers and i didnt get any new pimples on eucerin. I was like WTF? This is sweet. On cetaphil, my face looked like a grease puddle and it made me break out all the time.

Moisturizers are an imperative factor to acne because they are your only defense against new blemishes that you may induce through the day like when your going to school and stuff. Getting an oil free moisturizer that lasts long is very, very important and will help your face.

Keep your regemin simple and find what works for you. There is no need for all these non-sense, expensive topicals (benzacline, bp) and products (murad, proactiv). Most of the time, they dont work and will irritate your acne more. Twice a day with a gentle, oil free soap and with oil free, long lasting moisturizer is the way to go. Also, drink alot of water through the day! I drink at least 4 water bottles a day.

Eucerin Skin renewal Face lotion + Basis (or Purpose)Soap Bar = $10 afforadble & effective

Best combo I have ever used and also the cheapest

**If your on Accutane, I highly recommend Eucerin Skin Renewal Face Lotion

It is much better than Cetaphil

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Thanks for posting, that was really informative! I'm on my 4th month of Accutane right now, and to be honest, I'm not seeing the results I'd hoped for at this point. I'm supposed to be done in 2 weeks, but I'm going to push for another month after this one at least.

I don't like anything by Cetaphil either, it is so greasy on me. I don't use it; I use a Dove soap/Olay moisturizer combo that I like. I've heard good things about Eucerin... thanks for the input!

Congrats on being clear smile.gif


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Omar thanks for postin bro, now this Eucerin stuff feels so much better, hopefully i will clear up a bit with this accutane stuff now!!


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