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Am I going to be an acne lifer????

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I just turned 21 on January 24th.

I haven't had all that bad of acne, but when I about 19/20, when we moved to out new house with ultra shitty water (different town) it has gotten worse.

I was a super premee baby.

I'm just starting to get a decent amount of black hairs on my upper lip and about 15-20 on my chin.

I have a LOT of pubic hair, and a good amount under my arms.

Under my belly button is sloooooowwwwlllly turning a little dark and coming in...

My penis has been in good working order since I was like 16...

Could I just be starting a late puberty stage?

Is there a chance that my acne will go away in a few years, naturally?

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I don't know if there's any way to tell. I'm 31 and have had issues with acne since about age 19 or 20. I didn't really get much in high school. I'm hoping mine will go away naturally at some point soon.

BTW I also noticed the effects of the tap water in different places. I think it can really make your skin a lot better or worse depending. I don't know if its the mineral content or the chlorine/flouride or what.

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